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08.05.2015 21:04 Companies
Astana EXPO-2017 designates usage of local content in the construction of exhibition facilities as priority issue.
23.08.2013 18:46 Companies
Kazakhstan engineering companies are eager to produce equipment for Chevron and TengizChevroil.
30.05.2013 15:35 Companies
Kazakhstan Oil and Gas Minister Sauat Mynbayev was asked to increase the allowed number of foreigners in Kazakhstan’s oil projects.
18.02.2013 18:41 Companies
TengizChevroil is only imitating teeming activity in development of local content in Kazakhstan: KPS Steel.
15.02.2013 13:15 Politics
Karachaganak project, TCO and Kashagan projects frequently run bids along special rules that shut out Kazakhstan's local producers: expert.
15.02.2013 12:08 Industry, Infrastructure
Deputy chairman of KazMunaiGas told about the company's new projects and plans.
21.12.2012 11:25 Markets
Local content has increased 2.5-fold since the beginning of the State Procurement Order campaign 4 years ago: Almaty Akim.
29.10.2012 15:17 Companies
Deputy Akim of West-Kazakhstan oblast met with Director General of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.
11.07.2012 17:57 Companies
Kazakhstan Temir Zholy is currently a flagship in terms of local content. They show amazing results: Vice-Minister of Kazakhstan.
03.07.2012 16:46 Markets
Kazakh content in largest companies operating in Kazakhstan is 4 percent at best, according to President Nazarbayev.
24.04.2012 20:29 Finance
Foreign professionals will be able to earn $15-20 billion in 7-9 years working on development of major oil fields of Kazakhstan.
22.03.2012 16:15 Science, Technologies
World-class welders will be trained in Kazakhstan.
20.03.2012 15:31 Companies
The list of penalized companies will be published on the website of the Oil and Gas Ministry in the beginning of April.
15.02.2012 18:43 Markets
The share of local content has decreased in public procurement contracts: Ministry of Industry.
27.05.2011 13:20 Kazakhstan
Abdykalikova: Kazakhstan employees are protected. New labor regulation for investors will come in effect on July 1 in Kazakhstan.
23.05.2011 19:08 Kazakhstan
KazMunaiGas National Oil Company is planning to bring Kazakh content in procurement to 387 billion tenge.