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05.09.2016 16:50 Politics
The death of Uzbek leader Islam Karimov after 27 years in charge with no clear successor lined up plunges his homeland into uncertainty.
25.03.2015 15:35 People
Singaporeans wept on the streets and queued in their thousands to pay tribute to founding leader Lee Kuan Yew.
02.02.2015 15:45 Politics
China said it opposed foreign leaders meeting the Dalai Lama "in any form".
10.11.2014 12:24 Politics
Mexico's president left on a six-day trip to China and Australia amid angry protests over the suspected massacre of 43 college students by a gang allied with corrupt police.
16.10.2014 13:36 Health
The Ebola epidemic is "the most serious international public health emergency in recent years," British, US, French, German and Italian leaders agreed.
08.10.2014 17:31 Laws, Initiatives
Iran's supreme leader reiteratedhis country's "red lines" in negotiations with world powers over its controversial nuclear programme.
26.09.2014 11:39 Politics
Leaders of the world's most developed economies warned Russia of more sanctions unless all fighting stops in Ukraine.
21.08.2014 13:25 Politics
Turkey's ruling party meets to choose a new leader and premier to succeed incoming president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
18.07.2014 11:18 People
People around the world will celebrate "Mandela Day" Friday for the first time since the iconic South African leader's death by doing good deeds on what would have been his 96th birthday.
17.07.2014 11:56 Politics
EU leaders failed to reach agreement as their summit ended early Thursday over who should get the top jobs to steer the 28-nation bloc over the next five years.
16.07.2014 11:11 Politics
The BRICS group of emerging powers created a Shanghai-based development bank and a reserve fund seen as alternatives to Western-led institutions.
09.07.2014 13:20 Politics
The Syrian National Coalition, the main exiled opposition group seeking the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad, elected Saudi-based Syrian opposition figure Hadi el-Bahra as its new president.
08.07.2014 12:00 Politics
A visibly limping Kim Jong-Un presided over an official memorial in Pyongyang on Tuesday for the 20th anniversary of the death of his grandfather and North Korea's founder, Kim Il-Sung.
28.06.2014 13:25 Politics
Jean-Claude Juncker has been named as the next president of the European Commission with backing from most EU leaders, dealing a bitter blow to opponent David Cameron and threatening to increase the chances of Britain leaving the bloc.
15.04.2014 11:21 Politics
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un paid respects to his grandfather Kim Il-Sung as the country marked the birthday Tuesday of its late founder with renewed calls for loyalty to the ruling Kim dynasty.
10.03.2014 12:03 Politics
North Korea's state media confirmed Monday what was never in doubt -- a 100 percent, no-abstention poll victory for leader Kim Jong-Un in the country's stage-managed parliamentary election.
11.02.2014 14:58 Politics
Greek- and Turkish-Cypriot leaders meet Tuesday to relaunch talks on ending the island's division after a nearly two-year break, with optimism that the energy card could provide a breakthrough.
10.02.2014 11:05 Unrest
An estimated 70,000 pro-Western Ukrainians thronged the heart of Kiev on Sunday vowing never to give up their drive to oust President Viktor Yanukovych over his alliance with old master Russia.
07.02.2014 17:31 Sport
Russia on Friday officially opens in Sochi its first ever Winter Olympics with a lavish ceremony attended by dozens of heads of state and aimed at impressing a sceptical world with an unforgettable spectacle.
03.02.2014 14:20 Politics
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych returns to work from four days of sick leave after opposition leaders appealed for Western assistance and an injured militant accused of rioting left the country for medical treatment.
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