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09.03.2016 00:07 Internet
US regulators offer broadband subsidies to low-income Americans, saying that Internet access is "a prerequisite for full participation" in modern society.
10.09.2015 17:50 Laws, Initiatives
Introduction of across-the-board income and property reporting has been postponed till 2020 in Kazakhstan.
22.07.2015 12:24 Politics
Greek lawmakers are set to vote on a second batch of reforms that must pass if Athens is to receive its third huge international bailout, in a key test of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' authority.
02.03.2015 12:49 Politics
A Ukrainian lawmaker said he was detained by Russian police ahead of a Moscow march to honour opposition leader Boris Nemtsov.
25.02.2015 13:39 Politics
Lawmakers from Venezuela's ruling party said they have asked prosecutors to investigate a leading opposition lawmaker for conspiring to overthrow President.
07.11.2014 12:59 Politics
President Barack Obama will ask lawmakers Friday for an additional $3.2 billion to pay for the war against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.
31.10.2014 11:17 Military
Kazakhstani peacekeeprs talked about their daily routine in Western Sahara.
30.10.2014 12:49 Politics
A senior Hong Kong lawmaker was expelled from a prestigious Chinese government body.
29.10.2014 14:00 Science, Technologies
Electronic tagging devices may be developed locally in Kazakhstan by its space agency Kazcosmos.
11.10.2014 14:07 Laws, Initiatives
The White House said it aimed to work with US lawmakers towards closing Guantanamo and was not "drafting options" for circumventing a congressional ban.
10.10.2014 18:02 Markets
The Eurasian Economic Union, according to the former head of the KazMunaiGas Lyazzat Kiinov, will have a positive effect on the situation with petrol in Kazakhstan.
06.10.2014 17:23 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstani Senate has questioned the safety and security of electronic tagging devices.
26.09.2014 15:58 Health
The UNICEF research of suicide among teens in Kazakhstan refutes negative effect of the Unified National Testing.
01.09.2014 14:15 Laws, Initiatives
Chinese lawmakers have approved a national day to commemorate people who died in wars resisting foreign invaders.
24.08.2014 20:44 Politics
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has introduced the new Akim (Governor) of Almaty Oblast during his official visit.
04.07.2014 14:23 Laws, Initiatives
Bolivian lawmakers have approved child workers as young as 10 years old, under a new law that lays out specific conditions for employing children.
03.07.2014 02:14 Laws, Initiatives
The topic of plagiarism in draft laws by incompetent government officials was raised at the Central Communications Service briefing on Tuesday, July 1.
27.06.2014 13:07 Military
The White House has asked lawmakers for $500 million to train and equip vetted Syrian rebels, in what would be a significant escalation of US involvement in a conflict that has spilled into Iraq.
21.06.2014 10:20 Music
Famous for its neon lights and wild nightlife, Tokyo's status as one of the world's clubbing capitals looks set to survive a potentially ruinous police crackdown on -- of all things -- dancing.
04.06.2014 12:17 Politics
The White House apologized for keeping lawmakers in the dark regarding the exchange of an American soldier for five Taliban fighters, senators said Tuesday, as controversy grew over the issue.
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