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Photo courtesy of SpaceX satellite launch succeeds, but rocket crash lands SpaceX launched a communications satellite to an orbit but failed to land the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket on an ocean platform.
05 марта 2016
©Tengrinews Fresh out of reconstruction with cracks and dents: Uralsk landing strip Landing strip in Uralsk Airport has just passed the first stage of reconstruction. But after a few months it already has cracks and dents. Who is to blame? Is there anyone to blame at all?
21 марта 2015
Three astronauts back on Earth from ISS: mission control Three astronauts returned to Earth Wednesday on board a Russian Soyuz capsule after a half-year mission on the International Space Station (ISS), landing in Kazakhstan.
12 сентября 2013
Bell 206L3 helicopter. Photo courtesy of ZHERSU AVIA Helicopter makes emergency landing in Almaty oblast The helicopter with tourists onboard was performing a Burundai-Karaozek flight.
15 февраля 2013
US regulators review Boeing 787 evacuation in Japan The US Federal Aviation Administration said Tuesday it was reviewing an emergency landing of a Boeing Dreamliner in Japan as part of a wider probe into the jet's systems.
16 января 2013
Aging Mars rover discovers geological mystery NASA's Opportunity rover, older brother to the Curiosity rover that landed on Mars last month, has made a new discovery that geologists find both puzzling and exciting.
17 сентября 2012
Space race, on a budget, was not how Armstrong saw it More than 40 years after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, humans continue to push the frontiers of space exploration but missions are being tempered by costs, a trend that concerned the astronaut.
27 августа 2012
NASA's Mars rover sends back stunning pictures After its first day on Mars, NASA's rover Monday sent back to Earth stunning images of its crater landing site and the mountain it aims to climb in the hunt for signs of life.
07 августа 2012
Joe Acaba, Gennady Padalka and Sergei Revin. ©RIA NOVOSTI Three astronauts land on Earth from ISS in Russian capsule A Russian Soyuz capsule carrying three astronauts on Sunday landed on schedule in the Kazakh steppe, the Russian mission control said.
03 июля 2012
Photo courtesy of press-service of Air Astana Runways expose passengers to danger in some Kazakhstan cities The aircrafts land on worndown runways exposing passengers to danger in Kostanay, Petropavlovsk, Semey, Taldykorgan and Taraz: MP.
12 июня 2012
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