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Новости по теме: jet По вашему запросу найдено: 24 материалов
16.08.2016 16:36 Unrest
Russian warplanes on Tuesday flew a bombing run from an Iranian airstrip against jihadist groups in war-torn Syria.
24.12.2015 16:54 Companies
Mitsubishi Heavy is postponing delivery of the first made-in-Japan passenger jet, a little more than a month after its maiden test flight.
21.10.2014 15:39 Disasters
Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Total CEO Christophe de Margerie, who died in a plane accident at a Moscow airport, as a "true friend of our country."
21.10.2014 12:09 Disasters
The CEO of French oil company Total, Christophe de Margerie has died after a private jet crashed at a Moscow airport.
25.08.2014 13:01 Military
China's state-run media warned Washington that Beijing could treat its surveillance flights as an "act of hostility"
12.08.2014 12:05 Science, Technologies
A group of major Japanese firms are planning a test flight next year for the nation's first homegrown stealth fighter jet.
18.07.2014 14:40 Emergencies
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Friday called Russia's response to the downing of a Malaysian Airlines jet over Ukraine "deeply, deeply unsatisfactory".
16.07.2014 12:58 Emergencies
Twenty-five people were injured when a passenger jet from South Africa to Hong Kong hit turbulence on Wednesday, police said, with two men seriously hurt and hospitalised in the southern Chinese city.
04.07.2014 12:51 Military
The United States military is grounding its entire fleet of F-35 fighter jets as it completes additional engine inspections following a fire aboard an aircraft in Florida last week.
16.06.2014 13:08 Military
The US military temporarily grounded its entire F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet fleet at the weekend after an apparent engine oil leak, the latest glitch for the much-vaunted program.
12.06.2014 11:59 Politics
Japan on Thursday summoned the Chinese ambassador to complain about fighter jets flying "dangerously" close to two of its military planes over the East China Sea, officials said.
02.06.2014 13:48 Emergencies
A co-owner of The Philadelphia Inquirer and six other people were killed when a private business jet crashed during takeoff from an airfield outside Boston.
24.04.2014 11:58 Military
Four French fighter jets will join NATO air patrols over the Baltics starting on Sunday, France's chief of defense staff said Wednesday during a visit to Washington.
02.04.2014 11:16 Cinema, Music
The personal jet of Oscar-winning movie director Peter Jackson was reported Wednesday to have been called into assist with the search for the missing Malaysian airliner.
31.10.2013 11:32 Military
India's defence minister played down on Wednesday the prospects of a speedy conclusion to contract negotiations with France's Dassault Aviation for the acquisition of 126 Rafale fighter jets.
22.10.2013 17:35 Entertainment, Style
The exclusive world of business jets associated with film stars and royalty is showing signs of being on the up as a vital tool for companies and executives.
22.07.2013 11:32 Military
Panamanian authorities have found two Soviet-era MiG-21 fighter jets aboard a North Korea-flagged ship seized this month as it tried to pass through the Panama Canal after departing from Cuba.
06.06.2013 18:35 Companies
Google jets are getting a home in an $82-million private terminal being built to cater to executives coming and going from Mineta San Jose International Airport in Silicon Valley.
21.05.2013 16:37 Markets
Manufacturers of business jets can look forward to climbing sales in the years to come thanks to emerging markets as they gather in Switzerland for an annual air show, having survived the turbulence of the global financial crisis.
29.01.2013 10:00 Military
China's new heavy-lift transport aircraft and a successful missile interception test are key steps in expanding the strength and reach of its armed forces.
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