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Israeli strikes kills 4 in Gaza, hiking toll to 34 Israeli air strikes on central and southern Gaza killed four people on Saturday, medics said, with Palestinian security sources confirming at least three of them were militants.
18 ноября 2012
US urges Egypt, Turkey, Europeans to press Hamas The United States called Thursday on Egypt, Turkey and European powers to press Hamas to end bloodshed in Gaza, putting the onus on the Islamist movement to end rocket attacks on Israel.
17 ноября 2012
Gaza conflict adds tension to Palestinian UN bid Israel's air strikes on the Gaza Strip have heightened the tensions surrounding the Palestinian bid for observer membership at the United Nations planned for later this month.
17 ноября 2012
Stung by shock Israel hit, Hamas response may be limited Israel's surprise hit on Hamas's top military commander in Gaza may have enraged the enclave's Islamist rulers, but analysts said it was unlikely the movement would respond in a way which would lead to all-out war.
16 ноября 2012
Kazakhstan condemns Israel's air strikes on Gaza Strip We condemn the air strikes of Israel on Gaza Strip that claimed lives of civilians and damaged infrastructure: Kazakhstan Foreign Minister.
16 ноября 2012
Multiple new Israeli strikes on Gaza: AFP Israeli war planes carried out multiple new air strikes on the Gaza Strip, including several hits on Gaza City on Friday morning.
16 ноября 2012
US defends Israeli attacks on Gaza at emergency UN meeting Arab nations demanded the UN Security Council condemn Israel's deadly attacks on Gaza at an emergency meeting, but the United States strongly defended Israel's military strikes.
15 ноября 2012
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (R) and Egypt's President Mohamed Mursi. ©REUTERS UN chief urges Israel to avoid 'new cycle of bloodshed' UN leader Ban Ki-moon urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to ease tensions with Gaza militants Wednesday and also discussed the crisis with Egypt's president.
15 ноября 2012
Photo courtesy of Palestinian UN bid on Nov 29: Abbas Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has announced that the Palestinian Authority will present its bid for non-state UN membership, despite US and Israeli opposition.
13 ноября 2012
Israel's Defence Minister Ehud Barak. ©REUTERS Israel warns Hamas of 'heavy price' for Gaza rockets Israel has warned the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas that it will strike with "ever-growing intensity" in response to the latest barrage of rocket attacks into the Jewish state.
12 ноября 2012
Photo courtesy of UN leader warns Israel-Syria tensions could escalate UN leader Ban Ki-moon appealed Sunday to Israel and Syria to ease tensions on their disputed Golan Heights frontier amid warnings that conflict in Syria could spread.
12 ноября 2012
Russian Orthodox patriarch visits Holy Land Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill was in Jerusalem on Friday for his first visit to the Holy Land since becoming head of the powerful church in 2009.
10 ноября 2012
Israel ready to strike Iran 'if necessary': Netanyahu Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was ready to order a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities "if necessary", in an interview aired by Channel Two television on Monday.
06 ноября 2012
Israelis aim to 'fix world' with custom cannabis At the end of an unpaved road, in a quiet suburb of a sleepy town in northern Israel, horticultural revolutionaries are growing a strain of cannabis.
03 ноября 2012
Hollande warns Iran after meeting Israeli PM French President Francois Hollande said he wanted "concrete acts" from Iran to prove it was not pursuing a nuclear arms drive after his first face-to-face meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
02 ноября 2012
Israel turns back dozens of African migrants: HRW Israel has turned back dozens of African asylum-seekers, mostly Eritreans, trying enter the country from Egypt, Human Rights Watch and two other NGOs said on Sunday.
29 октября 2012
EU 'regrets' Israeli settlement plan The European Union's foreign policy chief on Thursday criticised Israel's plan to build hundreds of homes in annexed east Jerusalem and called for it to hold fresh talks with the Palestinians.
20 октября 2012
In signal to Iran, US and Israeli forces to stage drill The United States and Israel are set to launch a major military exercise in a show of unity aimed at Iran, despite friction between American and Israeli leaders over how to counter Tehran's nuclear ambitions.
19 октября 2012
Israeli parliament dissolved, elections in January Israel's parliament voted overnight to dissolve itself and hold early elections on January 22, officials said Tuesday.
16 октября 2012
Hamas, Islamic Jihad claim rocket fire into Israel The armed wings of Gaza's ruling Hamas movement and the Islamic Jihad group announced Monday they had fired a series of rockets at Israel, a day after an Israeli air strike that injured 10 people.
08 октября 2012

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