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Syria at heart of EU talks in Vilnius EU foreign ministers gather Friday in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius seeking a joint position on Syria as France stands alone in the 28-nation bloc in favour of military intervention.
05 сентября 2013
Poker face: McCain plays phone game at Syria debate Perhaps he was thinking about doubling down in the Middle East?
04 сентября 2013
Police block Istanbul's Gezi Park as peace protests erupt Turkish police Sunday blocked the entrance to Istanbul's Gezi Park, the epicentre of anti-government protests in June, to prevent a demonstration against a possible military intervention in Syria.
02 сентября 2013
Syria strike calls a 'challenge' to UN charter: Russia Calls for a military intervention in Syria are an "undisguised challenge" to the United Nations charter.
30 августа 2013
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Martin Dempsey. ©REUTERS/Larry Downing Syrian rebels do not support US interests: top general US armed intervention in Syria would not resolve the civil war and rebel forces cannot be relied on to back American interests, the top military chief said in a letter to Congress.
22 августа 2013
Foreign jihadists pour into northern Mali Hundreds of jihadist fighters poured into Mali over the weekend to support the Islamists who have controlled the north for seven months ahead of a threatened regional intervention.
23 октября 2012
Qatar calls for Arab intervention in Syria The emir of Qatar has called for an Arab intervention in Syria and a no-fly zone to protect refugees as President Bashar al-Assad's forces stepped up the battle for Aleppo.
27 сентября 2012
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