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05.09.2013 15:34 Politics
EU foreign ministers gather Friday in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius seeking a joint position on Syria as France stands alone in the 28-nation bloc in favour of military intervention.
04.09.2013 16:24 Politics
Perhaps he was thinking about doubling down in the Middle East?
02.09.2013 17:52 Unrest
Turkish police Sunday blocked the entrance to Istanbul's Gezi Park, the epicentre of anti-government protests in June, to prevent a demonstration against a possible military intervention in Syria.
30.08.2013 10:07 Politics
Calls for a military intervention in Syria are an "undisguised challenge" to the United Nations charter.
22.08.2013 18:25 Unrest
US armed intervention in Syria would not resolve the civil war and rebel forces cannot be relied on to back American interests, the top military chief said in a letter to Congress.
23.10.2012 13:44 Unrest
Hundreds of jihadist fighters poured into Mali over the weekend to support the Islamists who have controlled the north for seven months ahead of a threatened regional intervention.
27.09.2012 11:50 Politics
The emir of Qatar has called for an Arab intervention in Syria and a no-fly zone to protect refugees as President Bashar al-Assad's forces stepped up the battle for Aleppo.