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11.04.2016 16:34 Politics
Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff risks being driven from office if the lower house votes in favor of an impeachment trial.
15.10.2015 15:58 Politics
The controversial central figure in attempts to impeach Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said Wednesday he will appeal a Supreme Court decision putting the brakes on the opposition's push to unseat her.
14.10.2015 15:54 Politics
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff won a temporary reprieve from threatened impeachment thanks to a Supreme Court intervention.
08.10.2015 11:15 Politics
Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff suffered a major new setback when a court ruled that her government's accounting practices were illegal, handing ammunition to opponents threatening impeachment proceedings.
18.08.2015 13:41 Politics
Brazilians clamoring for President Dilma Rousseff's overthrow should think twice, analysts say, warning that the trauma of impeachment could undermine 20 years of building democracy.
13.01.2013 10:10 Politics
International criticism mounted Saturday over a move to impeach Sri Lanka's chief justice, with Britain demanding protection for the incumbent and the beleaguered legal profession in the former colony.
31.07.2012 11:52 Politics
Romania's suspended president Traian Basescu survived an impeachment vote due to low turnout, according to provisional figures released by the polling panel.