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Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro holds a photo of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. ©Reuters/Ueslei Marcelino Venezuela sings Happy Birthday to late president Chavez Supporters of Venezuela's former president Hugo Chavez celebrated what would have been his 60th birthday Monday with fireworks, a gun salute -- and the unveiling of a computer font based on the late leader's handwriting.
29 июля 2014
Anti-government marchers in Caracas slam Cuban 'invader' Hundreds of anti-government protesters marched Sunday against Cuban meddling in Venezuela's domestic affairs.
17 марта 2014
Chavez day marked by parade, clashes, diplomatic spat Venezuela marked the first anniversary of Hugo Chavez's death Wednesday with a blend of solemn ceremonies, clashes and a break in relations with Panama over protests dogging his successor's presidency.
06 марта 2014
Thousands protest ahead of Chavez anniversary Thousands of flag-waving protesters flooded the streets of Venezuela's capital Tuesday, seeking to keep pressure on the government on the eve of commemorations marking the anniversary of Hugo Chavez's death.
05 марта 2014
Representatives for Veenzuela, lawyers Luis Britto (L), German Saltron (C) and Manuel Galindo attend the public hearing for the case Brewer Carias vs Venezuela in the Inter-American Court of Human Rig Venezuela quits regional human rights court Venezuela withdrew from a regional human rights court on Tuesday, fulfilling the wishes of late president Hugo Chavez to the dismay of activists who fear the state may commit abuses.
12 сентября 2013
Venezuela launches school of Chavezian thought Venezuela Wednesday unveiled its latest tribute to revered late president Hugo Chavez: its very own institute of Chavezian thought.
01 августа 2013
Venezuela celebrates birthday of late leader Chavez Hugo Chavez died five months ago, but that hasn't stopped his hand-picked successor from holding week-long festivities honoring the late Venezuelan leader's birthday.
29 июля 2013
A picture of Venezuela's late President Hugo Chavez. ©REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins Venezuela to get first standing Chavez statue Venezuela's first standing statue of the late leftist leader Hugo Chavez will be erected in a square in the western city of Merida.
23 июля 2013
©REUTERS/Gaston Brito US director making Chavez 'addendum,' not feature Oliver Stone is not shooting a new movie about Hugo Chavez but an "addendum" using outtakes from an old film.
04 июля 2013
©REUTERS Chavez relatives rise in power, keeping myth alive Relatives of Hugo Chavez have taken powerful posts since he died three months ago, helping keep the late Venezuelan leader's mythical image alive.
26 июня 2013
Chavez heir Maduro wins Venezuela's presidency Nicolas Maduro was declared the winner of the election to succeed his late mentor Hugo Chavez by a razor-thin margin over an opponent that voiced fears of vote manipulation.
15 апреля 2013
©REUTERS On arms, legs, and breasts, Chavez lives for eternity The body of Hugo Chavez may not have been embalmed and put on display for eternity but on the arms, legs and breasts of devoted Venezuelans, "el Comandante" will live on forever.
13 апреля 2013
Venezuela's bitter campaign ends with big rallies Venezuela's acting President Nicolas Maduro tearfully vowed to complete Hugo Chavez's socialist revolution Thursday while rival Henrique Capriles promised change at emotional rallies to close their bitter campaign.
12 апреля 2013
Past haunts Venezuelan opposition ahead of election The final stretch of Venezuela's race to replace Hugo Chavez coincides with a delicate anniversary for the opposition: 11 years since a brief coup against the late leftist leader.
09 апреля 2013
Campaign to replace Chavez kicks off in Venezuela The presidential campaign to replace Venezuela's Hugo Chavez formally kicked off Tuesday, with his chosen successor vowing to carry on the deceased leader's socialist "revolution."
03 апреля 2013
'Saint Hugo Chavez': Leader worshipped at his tomb An endless line of Venezuelans files past the tomb of late president Hugo Chavez inside an old barracks perched in a hillside Caracas slum. Many pray and sing hymns until night falls.
29 марта 2013
Chavez laid to rest after final farewell in Caracas Late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was laid to rest at a military museum on Friday after an emotional final journey through the streets of Caracas watched by hundreds of thousands.
16 марта 2013
Eternal viewing of Chavez may be impossible: Maduro Venezuela's acting president Nicolas Maduro acknowledged Wednesday that it could be too late to have president Hugo Chavez embalmed "like Lenin" so that his body could be on view permanently.
14 марта 2013
Venezuela election fight to succeed Chavez begins Venezuela was plunged into a bitter election fight to succeed Hugo Chavez on Monday, with acting President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Henrique Capriles facing off in a flurry of name-calling.
12 марта 2013
Rivals trade barbs as race to succeed Chavez starts Venezuela entered a bitter election race to succeed Hugo Chavez on Sunday, with his chosen successor branding his challenger a "fascist" after the opposition candidate accused him of lying about the late leader's death.
11 марта 2013

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