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24.10.2015 20:19 Laws, Initiatives
Article 19, the UK's human rights organization proposed introducing a concept of an anti-LGBT crime to the Kazakhstani Criminal Code.
04.02.2015 11:37 Politics
A Russian lawmaker who has strongly backed anti-gay legislation said all homosexuals were "mentally ill".
11.12.2014 14:36 Sport
The IOC introduced reforms for the next Olympics Games. Kazakhstan is bidding to host the 2022 Olympics so it can be affected as well.
17.10.2014 17:44 People
Creators of the scandalous poster depicting a smooch between Kazakh composer and Russian poet of 19 century have lost the appeal in court on grounds of "acceptable morality and behaviour". What is for sexual minorities in Kazakhstan?
13.09.2014 12:59 Laws, Initiatives
The US Supreme Court this week made plans toward revisiting gay marriage.
13.09.2014 03:40 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan activists urged the Kazakh Parliament to ban gay propaganda and prohibit the people known to be gay from holding public offices and serving in the army.
29.08.2014 20:53 Politics
The infamous poster depicting a Russian poet and a Kazakh composer smooching caused outrage in the social media in Kazakhstan. Now, the Kazakh Minister of Culture has joined the slamming.
28.08.2014 02:14 Politics
The poster of Kazakh composer Kurmangazy and Russian poet Pushkin kissing produced by an Almaty-based ads agency is in the eye of a hurricane of outrage from both Kazakhstan and Russia.
26.08.2014 20:51 Politics
Astana mayor Tasmagambetov spoke about the importance of education and called the Kazakhstan citizens to safeguard their children from the "brainwashing" coming from abroad.
31.07.2014 13:45 Strange News
A Beijing court began hearing a landmark case on "gay conversion" treatment Thursday, as an activist in a nurse's uniform knelt over a patient, wielding a giant needle, outside.
16.07.2014 10:03 Laws, Initiatives
Support for same-sex marriage has reached a record high in Australia, a poll showed Tuesday, as pressure mounts on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to allow a conscience vote on the issue.
12.07.2014 02:26 Health
The World Health Organization urged all men who have gay sex to take antiretroviral drugs, warning that HIV infections are rising among homosexual men in many parts of the world.
01.07.2014 11:43 Strange News
Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Istanbul for the city's Gay Pride parade, an event that has taken on added political significance a year on from massive anti-government protests.
24.05.2014 13:53 Laws, Initiatives
Costa Rica's social security administration has agreed to allow same-sex couples to share health and pension benefits, even though the conservative Central American country bans gay marriage.
16.05.2014 10:22 Laws, Initiatives
A Moroccan court has jailed six men for up to three years on various charges including "homosexuality", a rights group told AFP.
06.05.2014 11:11 Unrest
Revelers thronged central Sao Paulo for the city's annual gay pride parade Sunday amid calls to criminalize homophobic behavior.
13.03.2014 11:35 Politics
Nigeria, under fire internationally for banning gay marriage and alleged abuses while tackling Islamist insurgents, received its first visit from the United Nations human rights commissioner.
07.03.2014 12:14 Religion
The celibate Dalai Lama has thrown his considerable moral weight behind gay marriage, condemning homophobia and saying sex was fine as long as it was consensual.
25.02.2014 10:28 Laws, Initiatives
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni will sign into law Monday a controversial bill that will see homosexuals jailed for life, despite international pressure.
14.02.2014 13:14 People
A group of gay and lesbian activists staged a Valentine's Day kissing protest in Beijing Friday aimed at highlighting Russia's controversial anti-homosexuality laws.
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