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Iran president calls on Muslims to punish Saudi 'crimes' Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called Wednesday on the Muslim world to unite and punish the Saudi government.
07 сентября 2016
Two million Muslim pilgrims ending annual hajj Two million Muslim pilgrims begin leaving the holy city of Mecca, concluding the annual hajj during which Saudi leaders lashed out at Islamic extremism.
06 октября 2014
Tears, prayers as 2 million Muslims mark peak of hajj Tears flowed and prayers filled the air as the annual Muslim hajj pilgrimage by almost two million believers from around the world reached its zenith.
04 октября 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstanis recommended to postpone Hajjs to Saudi Arabia Kazakhstanis are highly recommended to postpone Hajjs to Saudi Arabia amid a deadly virus outbreak.
01 августа 2014
Four Kazakhstan citizens injured in car accident during Hajj Kazakhstan received a Hajj quota for 5.5 thousand people this year.
30 октября 2012
Kazakhstan pilgrims to depart for Mecca after October 15 5,000 hajj quotas have been allocated to Kazakhstan this year, Spiritual Management of Muslims press-secretary Agabek Sydykov said.
12 октября 2012
Hajj will be $300 more expensive for Muslims from Kazakhstan in 2011 Hajj-package for pilgrimage to Mecca will cost $3,700 in 2011, which is $300 more expensive than last year.
19 октября 2011
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