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27.07.2016 17:42 Internet
Dutch police, Europol and a coalition of cyber security firms launched a new website Monday to fight a surge in "ransomware".
25.12.2015 15:26 Internet
Turkish Internet servers are suffering a powerful cyber attack from abroad, slowing banking services and fanning fears.
28.10.2015 15:18 Crime
CIA chief John Brennan said he was "outraged" that hackers broke into his personal email account, and faulted the media for its coverage of the incident.
22.10.2015 15:31 Crime
Anti-secrecy campaign group WikiLeaks published an initial tranche of documents it said were from the personal email account of CIA Director John Brennan.
22.08.2015 12:30 Crime
A Can$760 million (US$578 million) class action lawsuit has been launched against the owner of affair-seeking website Ashley Madison.
20.03.2015 19:25 Internet
Tengrinews has experienced the largest DDoS attack on a news source in Kazakhstan on March 20.
13.03.2015 19:06 Crime
Kazakhstani authorities have filed a complaint with the Federal court of Manhattan against a group of unknown hackers.
20.02.2015 12:57 Crime
US and British intelligence services can tap into mobile voice and data communications of many devices after stealing encryption keys of a major SIM card maker.
06.02.2015 12:15 Companies
Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chair Amy Pascal, whose embarrassing emails were leaked in a hack attack, is stepping down.
28.01.2015 14:05 Crime
Taylor Swift scoffed at a hacker who took over her social media accounts and threatened to release nude pictures, with the pop star saying none existed.
17.01.2015 12:45 Internet
Hackers took over Twitter accounts of the New York Post and United Press International, writing bogus messages.
03.01.2015 13:02 Crime
The United States imposed new sanctions on North Korea in retaliation for a cyber attack on Hollywood studio Sony Pictures.
26.12.2014 12:09 Cinema, Music
A fictional plot to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un drew throngs of moviegoers, as it became an unlikely symbol of free speech thanks to hacker threats.
26.12.2014 11:43 Crime
Online hackers have taken credit for an online service outage of Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox game consoles.
18.12.2014 11:44 Crime
Sony Pictures abruptly canceled the release of the comedy which has angered North Korea and triggered chilling threats from hackers.
16.12.2014 14:06 Crime
Ethical arguments and legal threats looked unlikely to deter US media from delving ever deeper into the hacked emails of Hollywood powerhouse Sony Pictures Entertainment.
06.12.2014 13:22 Crime
Sony Pictures staff received a threatening email Friday claiming to be from the hackers who breached the entertainment giant's computer network.
26.11.2014 11:33 Crime
Sony Pictures' computer network has reportedly come under cyberattack, with hackers threatening to release key information.
20.11.2014 16:14 Crime
Mobile security firm Lookout warned that Android-powered smartphones or tablets are being targeted with malicious software.
11.11.2014 14:02 Crime
Cybersecurity firm FireEye warned that hackers could trick owners of Apple gadgets into installing applications that steal information.
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