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23.10.2014 10:55 Crime
Where there had been stillness and dignity -- two Canadian soldiers standing ram-rod straight by a war memorial in silent honor to their fallen comrades.
30.09.2014 12:38 Crime
An armed man took an employee hostage at a hotel in the Brazilian capital Monday and forced him to don a vest apparently stuffed with explosives.
29.08.2014 14:12 Crime
Gunman opened fire on worshippers at a shrine in Pakistan, killing at least six members of a minority Islamic sect and wounding seven others.
10.07.2014 10:48 Crime
A lone gunman killed at least six people, most of them children, during a domestic dispute in Texas that triggered a tense ongoing standoff with armed police.
01.07.2014 12:03 Unrest
Gunmen opened fire at a mosque in insurgency-hit southern Thailand, killing one man and injuring another a day after Muslims began observing the holy month of Ramadan, police said.
11.06.2014 11:48 Crime
A rifle-toting gunman killed a 14-year-old student at an Oregon high school Tuesday, the latest in a spate of US shootings that prompted a renewed warning from President Barack Obama.
09.06.2014 10:56 Crime
Two Las Vegas police officers and a civilian were killed in an apparent ambush Sunday that ended with the two gunmen killing themselves.
07.06.2014 14:00 Crime
A man armed with guns and explosives was killed and a police officer wounded in a shootout Friday at a courthouse in the US state of Georgia, authorities said.
06.06.2014 11:49 Crime
A lone gunman killed one person and injured three others Thursday on a college campus in the northwestern US city of Seattle, where the mayor denounced America's "epidemic of gun violence."
31.05.2014 10:08 Unrest
Security forces fired warning shots as protesters in Bangui demanded the resignation of the interim government and the removal of foreign troops from Central African Republic on Friday, a military source said.
03.05.2014 12:17 Unrest
Nigerian police on Friday said Boko Haram militants were holding 223 girls of the 276 seized from their school in the country's northeast, revising upwards the number of youngsters abducted.
12.04.2014 11:01 Crime
Masked gunmen have shot dead an Islamic teacher after bursting into his home in Russia's Dagestan, in the latest such killing in the volatile region, investigators said.
05.04.2014 15:13 Unrest
Two Italian priests and a Canadian nun have been kidnapped by gunmen in northern Cameroon, Italy's foreign ministry and media reports said on Saturday.
29.03.2014 12:16 Crime
Police shot and killed an armed man at Canada's busiest courthouse on the outskirts of Toronto on Friday after he entered the secure building and left an officer wounded.
18.01.2014 11:48 Crime
Two teenage American high school students were shot and injured Friday by a student gunman who whipped out a handgun at the end of the school day, police said.
15.01.2014 14:13 Strange News
A 71-year-old retired policeman was refused bail on Tuesday after allegedly shooting dead a fellow moviegoer in Florida for using text messages with his phone.
04.01.2014 10:27 Crime
Gunmen stormed a prison in southwestern Mexico on Friday in an attack that left five of the assailants and four inmates dead, officials said.
30.12.2013 10:12 Unrest
A gunman opened fire at an opposition rally in Thailand Saturday in a deadly attack that inflamed tensions in the politically divided kingdom, where anti-government protesters wreaked fresh havoc in election preparations.
22.12.2013 09:40 Crime
A 17-year-old Colorado high school student who was shot in the face by a teenage gunman died Saturday after eight days on life support, a local hospital said.
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