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30.09.2015 17:47 Finance
ADB lowered its forecast for Kazakhstan's economic growth expecting a decrease in private consumption in response to higher import prices and diminished private investment.
05.06.2015 02:00 Markets
Chairman of Kazakhstan Council of Foreign Investors Ulf Wokurka offers recommendations to the Kazakhstan Government on visa regime, taxes, decriminalisation of tax and economic offences, education and attraction of investments.
11.02.2015 01:00 Finance
Standard & Poor’s has lowered Kazakhstan long-term ratings over dwindling revenues of the oil-rich country amid the global oil turbulence.
21.01.2015 12:39 Finance
Back in September 2014 the Bank had estimated the country’s 2015 growth rate at 5.1%.
27.08.2014 12:16 Crime
New York is hurtling back to "the bad old days of high crime" under current Mayor Bill de Blasio warned, drawing a sharp rebuke from the Democrat.
07.08.2014 11:56 Finance
According to the Fund’s estimates, the inflation ratio is expected to reach 9%, “although the Government has been trying to keep the inflation ratio within the range of 6-8%”.
16.07.2014 13:56 Finance
Chinese growth accelerated to a forecast-beating 7.5 percent in the second quarter, official data showed Wednesday, as government stimulus provided a much-needed boost to the world's second-largest economy.
18.06.2014 00:07 Finance
Standard & Poor’s rating agency predicts a decline in Kazakhstan GDP to 4.5% due to reduced volumes of oil production and a slowdown of the Russian economy.
16.06.2014 14:49 Finance
Standard & Poor’s has changed Kazakhstan’s credit-rating outlook from Stable to to Negative.
12.06.2014 12:31 Politics
Kazakhstan's cities will be divided into three categories for development purposes.
23.05.2014 15:41 Markets
We should be ready to face a substantial weakening of the global economy growth (…) the situation seems to be worsening, rather than getting better: President Nazarbayev.
18.05.2014 21:03 People
The population of Zhanaozen town in western Kazakhstan has exceeded the development plan.
17.01.2014 17:17 Finance
A blanket program to develop the financial sector to 2030 must be drafted by June 1, 2014: President.
21.11.2013 13:54 Companies
Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton on Thursday said China's economic growth was resilient enough to drive strong demand for commodities for the next 15 years.
02.10.2013 15:50 Finance
According to the Kazakhstan’s State Agency for Statistics, the country’s GDP grew by 5.5%from January to August.
26.07.2013 12:08 Markets
Kazakhstan’s processing industry grew 14 percent in the first 6 months of 2013.
17.06.2013 14:38 Finance
The crisis and the recession are still in the act and not everything is going well at the global markets: Serik Akhmetov.
29.05.2013 18:02 Industry, Infrastructure
Africa has witnessed remarkable growth over the past decade but must invest heavily in infrastructure to continue on this path.
18.05.2013 14:04 Finance
Mexico cut its 2013 growth forecast on Friday after the economy expanded less than expected in the first quarter due to slumping industrial production and near stagnant exports.
16.05.2013 16:46 Markets
Japan said Thursday that its economy grew again in the quarter to March, pointing to a recovery as Tokyo and its hand-picked central bank team set about stoking the world's third-largest economy.
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