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11.07.2015 15:17 Disasters
Thousands of people were pouring into Srebrenica to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the massacre of thousands of Muslims in the worst mass killing in Europe since World War II.
10.07.2015 10:38 Politics
Germany urged Bosnia to work towards a future in which a "genocide" such as the massacre of Muslims 20 years ago would no longer be possible.
20.05.2015 15:28 People
More than 1,000 people marked Cambodia's annual "Day of Anger" against the genocidal former Khmer Rouge regime.
24.04.2015 16:32 Unrest
Armenians worldwide will mark the centenary of an Ottoman massacre of up to 1.5 million of their people on Friday.
24.04.2015 13:13 Politics
US President Barack Obama described the World War I massacre of Armenians as "terrible carnage" but avoided the term genocide.
23.04.2015 10:04 Politics
Turkey stopped Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik's plane from flying over its territory, preventing him from attending a ceremony to mark the centenary of the Armenian genocideю
17.04.2015 14:47 People
Armenians are still battling to get the World War I slaying of their ancestors recognised as a genocide.
16.04.2015 11:44 Politics
The European Parliament urged Turkey to use the centenary of Ottoman-era massacres to "recognise the Armenian genocide".
15.04.2015 16:37 Politics
Turkish President warned Turkey would ignore any decision by the European Parliament qualifying the 1915 killings of Armenians in World War I as genocide.
11.04.2015 13:42 Religion
Pope Francis will mark the 100th anniversary of the mass killings of Armenians with a special ceremony.
29.01.2015 12:05 Crime
A long-running battle over one man's denial of the Armenian genocide returned to the European Court of Human Rights.
30.07.2014 13:35 Crime
Cambodia's UN-backed Khmer Rouge court began a second trial of two former regime leaders on charges including genocide of Vietnamese people and ethnic Muslims, forced marriages and rape.
06.06.2014 12:50 Unrest
UN investigators say talk of genocide or ethnic cleaning in the Central African Republic is premature, but that evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity exists on both sides.
04.04.2014 19:46 Crime
Twenty years after the genocide of Rwanda's Tutsi minority, the massacres of Hutu civilians who fled across the border into the DR Congo remain a taboo subject in Kigali.
15.03.2014 12:10 Crime
A French court sentenced a former Rwandan army captain to 25 years in prison over the 1994 genocide Friday, in a landmark ruling just weeks ahead of the massacre's 20th anniversary.
28.02.2014 12:54 People
Head of the southern Russian republic of Ingushetia Yunus-bek Yevkurov expressed his gratitude to Kazakhstanis in a letter addressed to President Nazarbayev.
15.02.2014 13:41 Laws, Initiatives
The UN's highest International Court of Justice is to hear arguments next month in a long-running genocide case that threatens to sour relations between Croatia and Serbia.
17.01.2014 13:47 Unrest
The UN has warned that bloodshed in the Central African Republic could turn into genocide as horrors continue to unfold in the country where parliament is preparing to choose a new leader.
12.05.2013 13:30 Crime
Former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt was found guilty of genocide and war crimes Friday in a landmark ruling stemming from massacres of indigenous people in his country's long civil war.
26.03.2013 11:07 Crime
Pol Pot's former deputy Nuon Chea is fit to continue with his trial for war crimes and genocide, medical experts told Cambodia's Khmer Rouge court on Monday following the death of a co-defendant.
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