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17.05.2014 16:43 Unrest
An armed gang attacked an Ivorian village near the border with Liberia, killing three soldiers and 10 civilians, Defence Minister Paul Koffi Koffi said.
24.02.2014 17:22 Crime
Mexican authorities are hunting for the number two leader of the country's most powerful drug cartel after capturing the gang's kingpin this weekend.
25.10.2013 18:01 Crime
Japan's Mizuho Bank will punish more than 30 executives over revelations that the lender made loans to underworld figures, reports said Friday, in the latest chapter of a headline-grabbing scandal.
13.12.2012 13:43 Strange News
Gangsters in one of Canada's most crime-ridden cities can expect a special greeting card this Christmas -- from a local police chief dressed as jolly Santa Claus and packing heat.
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