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21.08.2014 14:04 Science, Technologies
Nearly five percent of Japanese adults are addicted to gambling, a rate up to five times that of most other nations, according to a study.
27.06.2014 10:31 Sport
Former France international Jerome Rothen is among 37 players who have been summonsed to appear before the Professional Football League (LFP) for illegal betting on matches in France.
25.06.2014 10:42 Strange News
A college student in China leaped to his death after losing more than $3,000 gambling on the World Cup, state media reported.
10.02.2014 13:09 Strange News
A man from Kazakhstan has won almost $500,000 in two poker tournaments held at the PokerStar website in one week.
12.11.2013 16:34 Entertainment, Style
Gambling mogul James Packer on Tuesday said international tourists want to see man-made attractions and not spend their holidays "looking at Ayers Rock" as his plan for a $1.5 billion Sydney casino won crucial support.
25.09.2013 14:42 People
Americans spent $2.6 billion on gambling websites in 2012, according to a study released Tuesday by the casino industry as it renewed a push for Congress to regulate online betting.
14.12.2012 16:04 Laws, Initiatives
Communist faction of Kazakhstan Majilis applied to the President with a request to introduce limitations on activities of betting shops and online casinos.
10.08.2012 15:53 Strange News
A South Korean court said Friday it has fined two Buddhist monks for illegal gambling, after video footage of their high-stakes poker game sparked a scandal in religious circles.
16.05.2012 17:45 Finance
Full ban on casinos does not solve the problems of gambling addiction, but only causes additional money losses: Toichubekov.