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28.12.2015 13:38 Laws, Initiatives
China adopted its first counter-terrorism law Sunday: its provisions may tighten media controls and threaten the intellectual property of foreign firms.
05.02.2015 13:37 Politics
Kazakhstan ranks 69th in the annual Index of Economic Freedom, better then France and Italy.
17.07.2014 01:03 Politics
Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and activist Jose Antonio Vargas, who revealed in 2011 that he is an undocumented immigrant, was freed by US border agents after being held for several hours.
14.07.2014 13:02 Politics
Cuban authorities arrested an unusually large group of about 100 dissident marchers, breaking up a march by the Ladies in White opposition activists.
05.07.2014 14:55 Unrest
A group of 46 Indian nurses who were trapped in an area of Iraq seized by Islamic militants were set to be welcomed home by anxious relatives Saturday after being freed from the rebel-held city of Mosul.
04.07.2014 14:53 Unrest
A group of 46 Indian nurses trapped in Iraq are to be freed, one of them told AFP Friday, in a rare piece of positive news in a crisis threatening "Syria-like chaos".
20.06.2014 11:32 Crime
A Danish freelance photographer has been freed after being held hostage in Syria for 13 months, the Danish government said.
04.06.2014 11:45 Crime
A New York man walked free Tuesday after 17 years in prison for murder, after it was determined that false testimony had been used to convict him, authorities said.
22.05.2014 14:59 Politics
A British journalist has been released without charge after being detained by Ukrainian authorities, the Russian TV channel employing him, RT, said.
16.05.2014 14:57 Crime
Five aid workers from Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) who were kidnapped in Syria in January have been freed, the medical charity said.
13.05.2014 12:34 Unrest
The Jordanian ambassador to Libya, Fawaz Aitan, who was kidnapped in Tripoli last month, has been freed, state television in the North African country said on Tuesday.
28.04.2014 14:50 Politics
President Jacob Zuma led celebrations Sunday on the 20th anniversary of post-apartheid democracy in South Africa, insisting it is closer to its dream of a multi-racial nation despite stubborn inequality, poverty and corruption.
10.04.2014 12:15 Laws, Initiatives
A New York man savored his first full day of freedom on Wednesday after spending 25 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.
23.12.2013 17:02 Cinema, Music
Pussy Riot bandmember Maria Alyokhina, who was freed from prison Monday under a Kremlin-backed amnesty, slammed the measure as a mere publicity stunt and said that she would have preferred to remain in prison.
23.12.2013 13:03 Crime
One of the jailed members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot, Maria Alyokhina, was freed from prison on Monday after receiving amnesty.
12.12.2013 15:55 Politics
Kenyans mark half a century of independence from Britain on Thursday, celebrating progress of the regional economic powerhouse but also struggling to shake off a legacy of corruption, inequality and ethnic violence.
21.09.2013 11:48 Internet
An Internet freedom coalition backed by US technology giants asked Thursday for 21 countries to release information on national security and law enforcement data requests.
24.08.2013 13:22 Military
The United States and the Philippines have vowed to maintain freedom of navigation in a Southeast Asia increasingly beset by maritime territorial rows.
17.03.2013 18:40 Internet
Google chairman Eric Schmidt will visit Myanmar next week, highlighting increasing Internet freedom in the former pariah state just weeks after a controversial trip to communist North Korea.
14.01.2013 11:06 People
Angry activists poured scorn on prosecutors Sunday for leading an overzealous campaign against Internet freedom fighter Aaron Swartz, with his family suggesting it contributed to his suicide.
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