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06.12.2013 13:28 Markets
In November Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, Kazakhstan national railway company, has transported more than 1 million tons of newly harvested grain
30.07.2013 16:41 Markets
Vice Prime Minister suggested the recommendations be drafted by August 15 so that the Government could consider them by September.
12.04.2013 13:58 Markets
According to the Agriculture Ministry’s forecast, Kazakhstan will export 2-2.5 million tons of flour this year.
13.03.2013 11:50 Markets
Kazakhstan's expected shipments in 2012-2013 season have been reduced to 2.8 million tons of grain equivalent.
20.07.2012 17:20 Markets
There will be no problem with grain supplies to the country’s regions; flour and bread prices will not grow: Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry.
14.12.2011 16:05 Markets
Export of Kazakhstan's bumper grain harvest could cause sharp dive of grain and flour prices in Siberia, Russia, in the beginning of 2012.