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29.04.2015 15:15 Entertainment, Style
With a hint of swagger, Afghanistan's first female pilot since the fall of the Taliban is defying death threats and archaic gender norms.
11.04.2015 13:12 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry urged Beijing to immediately release five feminists who were detained ahead of International Women's Day.
07.10.2014 13:29 Unrest
Two members of the Femen feminist movement staged a bare-breasted protest on the roof of the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris.
08.06.2013 13:10 Cinema, Music
Two members of the Russian feminist punk-rock band Pussy Riot on Friday urged the United States to help free their bandmates jailed last year for an anti-government protest performance.
10.05.2013 15:00 Entertainment, Style
The opening this month of the first life-sized Barbie Dreamhouse in Europe may be the fantasy of many a little girl, but Berlin feminists are mobilising against what they call a sexist icon.
08.03.2013 16:27 People
Ukrainian feminist group Femen are taking their topless protests around the world, having already stripped off in Western Europe.
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