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10.03.2015 20:13 Politics
14 applications have been received by the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan ahead of the early presidential election in the country. There are two highlights this year: first ever female nominee and state language proficiency tests.
09.03.2015 14:31 Politics
President of Kazakhstan met with female representatives of the Kazakh population on the eve of International Women's Day.
15.01.2015 10:49 Politics
Seventy-three percent of Americans expect to see a female president in their lifetime, even as men are expected to maintain their dominant role in business.
20.10.2014 13:19 Politics
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suffered a double setback with the resignations of two female cabinet ministers over claims they misused political funds.
03.10.2014 17:49 Unrest
Dozens of the world's top female soccer players are suing governing body FIFA for discrimination over plans to stage matches at next year's Women's World Cup.
11.09.2014 13:25 Gadgets
Apple's long-awaited smartwatch looks "too feminine" and its design will not stand the test of time, luxury giant LVMH's watch guru has told German media.
08.09.2014 12:21 Politics
Japan's new industry minister Yuko Obuchi visited the disaster-stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant, days after assuming her new post.
20.08.2014 16:06 Entertainment, Style
Three Kazakhstanis will compete at the International Beauty Pageant Miss Bikini CIS-2014.
05.04.2014 14:45 Politics
Malta's Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca was on Friday sworn in as the island state's ninth president after being named by the prime minister and approved by parliament.
03.01.2014 11:36 People
Margaret Thatcher's immaculate hairdo took intensive efforts to perfect, with the late British prime minister having her bouffant reworked every three days on average, records showed Friday.
18.12.2013 10:27 Politics
US officials admitted Tuesday that they strip-searched a female Indian diplomat after she was arrested in New York in a new twist to a growing row that has seen India hit back with reprisals such as removing security barriers around the US embassy.
12.12.2013 10:13 Companies
General Motors Tuesday named its first-ever female chief executive as the largest US automaker exits the government-bailout era with sales at their best level in six years.
09.05.2013 15:03 People
The number of policewomen will reach 30 percent in Kazakhstan by 2020.
25.02.2013 12:22 Politics
Park Geun-Hye was sworn in as South Korea's first female president Monday, vowing zero tolerance with provocation from North Korea and demanding Pyongyang "abandon its nuclear ambitions" immediately.