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21.06.2016 17:24 Laws, Initiatives
The EU agreed a raft of anti-tax evasion measures to make it harder for multinationals to shift profits to countries with lower taxes.
04.05.2016 14:47 Disasters
The 100,000 residents of the Canadian city of Fort McMurray were ordered to leave town as a monster wildfire swept through the region.
23.07.2015 12:05 Disasters
At aroud 2.15 am morainic lake Bezymyannoye at Kargaly glacier outburst. The water volume of the lake stood at 40 000 cubic meters. The outburst caused mud flows, with part of them overtopping the dam on the Kargaly River.
25.04.2015 16:04 Disasters
A large column of smoke streamed from Chile's Calbuco volcano, prompting new warnings that it could erupt again.
22.04.2015 20:00 Disasters
As meltwater in Kazakhstan subsides, there are still measure to be taken to deal with the consequences and secure people's livelihoods.
20.04.2015 14:48 Emergencies
35 villages in Akmola Oblast are under tread of flooding.
15.04.2015 18:17 Disasters
Thousands of people have been evacuated from flood areas in Kazakhstan's Karaganda and Pavlodar Oblasts. Melt water continues to rise.
30.03.2015 13:49 Emergencies
Pakistan evacuated more than 500 of its citizens from Yemen by jumbo jet and sent a naval frigate to rescue others stranded in the war-torn country.
15.09.2014 13:00 Disasters
Hurricane Odile swirled menacingly toward Mexico's Los Cabos resorts, leading authorities to evacuate high-risk areas and open shelters.
30.07.2014 14:34 Emergencies
A 6.3-magnitude earthquake rattled Mexico, killing an elderly woman who fell as she fled her home and injuring another woman who evacuated from a hospital.
23.07.2014 04:04 Emergencies
Typhoon Matmo churned towards Taiwan, picking up strength with thousands of tourists evacuated from outlying islands as weather forecasters warned of possible flash floods and landslides.
24.06.2014 11:14 Emergencies
Residents in a remote section of the US Aleutian islands rushed to higher ground after an 7.9-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Alaska triggered a local tsunami warning, an official said.
11.06.2014 13:42 Environment
Flooding has forced the evacuation of about 150,000 people in Paraguay's capital city Asuncion, authorities said.
09.06.2014 14:09 Strange News
Sometimes too much love can be a bad thing as Paris discovered on Sunday when thousands of "locks of love" attached to a footbridge caused part of the railing to collapse, forcing an evacuation.
19.05.2014 10:09 Unrest
Thousands of Chinese nationals are awaiting evacuation from riot-hit Vietnam, state-run media said Monday, as Hanoi moved to stifle fresh protests over a territorial dispute between the two countries.
15.05.2014 12:25 Environment
Thousands of people fled raging wildfires in roasting southern California on Wednesday as flames destroyed homes and triggered evacuations at a nuclear power plant, a military base and an amusement park.
24.03.2014 11:13 Disasters
A 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck off Chile's northwestern coast on Sunday, the latest of at least seven quakes to hit the region in recent days.
20.03.2014 15:11 Disasters
More than a month of flooding in northern Brazil has swollen rivers and driven thousands of people from their homes.
15.03.2014 13:44 Emergencies
A fire which sparked the evacuation of a major underground US nuclear waste plant last month was preventable, according to a report out Friday highlighting safety lapses at the site.
28.02.2014 16:05 Emergencies
Young, elderly and pregnant residents of a Australian town cloaked in smoke from a coal mine ablaze for three weeks were Friday urged to leave over mounting air quality concerns.
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