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Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. ©REUTERS/Juan Medina Italy's Monti warns against euro being EU 'break-up factor' The euro must not become a "break-up factor" that pits northern Europe against crisis-choked nations in the south of the continent.
20 августа 2012
Eurozone fears shadow Merkel's arrival in Canada German leader Angela Merkel held talks Wednesday with her Canadian counterpart on a first-ever bilateral visit shadowed by eurozone fears and Ottawa's refusal to wade into relief efforts.
16 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Turkish economic miracle woos German businesses As Europe battles its never-ending debt crisis, Turkey, with its flourishing economy, is increasingly attracting the attention of German companies, as well as German-born Turks in search of a job.
07 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Commodity prices mostly fall on lack of stimulus measures Global commodity markets mainly fell in subdued trade this week as investors expressed disappointment at the lack of central bank action to kick-start the struggling global economy.
04 августа 2012
Eurozone must take 'decisive' measures, Obama says US President Barack Obama said Monday that the eurozone is not buckling under the weight of the debt crisis, but that "decisive steps" have yet to be taken.
31 июля 2012
Markets panic as eurozone faces turbulent summer The world market panic that started the week looked all too familiar: an alarming reminder of last summer's financial storm brought on by the eurozone debt crisis.
24 июля 2012
Moody's cuts Germany outlook Moody's took the first step toward stripping Germany of its coveted AAA credit rating on Monday, cutting the outlook for Europe's largest and most pivotal economy to "negative."
24 июля 2012
France's Hollande, UK's Cameron laugh off differences French President Francois Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron tried Tuesday to laugh off a rocky start to their relationship despite lingering differences over the eurozone crisis.
11 июля 2012
Eurozone offers Spains 30 bn euros for banks Eurozone finance ministers agreed Tuesday to offer Spain 30 billion euros this month to help its distressed banks as they raced to stay ahead of market scepticism.
10 июля 2012
New Greek government wins confidence Greece's coalition government breezed through a largely symbolic confidence vote late Sunday, winning the tough mandate of tackling a two-year-old crisis and keeping the country safely in the eurozone.
09 июля 2012

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