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Plastic pollution choking Australian waters: study Three-quarters of the trash found off Australian beaches is plastic, as it warned that the rubbish is entangling and being swallowed by wildlife.
15 сентября 2014
West Australia scraps shark cull policy The Western Australia government said it would abandon its controversial catch-and-kill shark policy.
12 сентября 2014
Thousands trapped in deadly Indian Kashmir floods Soldiers were battling Sunday to rescue thousands of people trapped by Indian Kashmir's worst flooding for half a century.
08 сентября 2014
 ©Reuters Hawaii island declares emergency over volcano threat Hawaii's Big Island has declared a state of emergency as lava from an active volcano threatens nearby homes, which could be evacuated within days.
06 сентября 2014
Kangaroos abound but fears for smaller cousins, warns WWF Australia's big kangaroos are thriving, but wildlife campaigners hold fears for their smaller cousins.
06 сентября 2014
©Reuters/Yuya Shino Apple supplier in China accused of abuses A Chinese factory that supplies Apple with parts has been operating with violations of basic standards for health, safety and environmental protection.
05 сентября 2014
Pacific fisheries chief warns tuna stocks dangerously low The outgoing head of the fisheries management body has warned that some tuna stocks were now so low they should not be fished.
03 сентября 2014
Mexico investigates huge fish kill in lagoon Fishermen used shovels, wheel-carts and trucks in western Mexico to pull tons of dead fish out of a lagoon.
02 сентября 2014
14 detained trying to prevent Faroe Island dolphin hunt Fourteen animal rights activists have been detained on the Faroe island of Sandoy in the North Atlantic while trying to stop a controversial dolphin hunt.
01 сентября 2014
Caravanserai Tash Rabat ©Vladimir Prokopenko Kazakh expedition to China and Kyrgyzstan comes to end The expedition dedicated to Kazakh scholar Shoqan Walikhanov has made the last observations on the way from Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan.
01 сентября 2014
Volcano erupts in PNG, spewing ash and rock: officials A volcano erupted in eastern Papua New Guinea, spewing rocks and ash into the air.
29 августа 2014
Photo courtesy of Half-dead Caspian Mullet fish wash ashore in Mangystau Oblast In Kazakhstan's Mangystau Oblast, mullets wash ashore of the Caspian Sea.
26 августа 2014
Oil thieves cause pipeline leak, pollute Mexico river Thieves who tapped an oil pipeline in northern Mexico caused a spill that contaminated the San Juan River, a key irrigation source for farmers.
22 августа 2014
Pangolins under threat in Gabon as demand surges in Asia The scaly-skinned pangolin is under threat in Gabon as demand for the small mammal surges in Asia, where it is used in traditional medicine.
19 августа 2014
Mexico acid leak leaves orange river, toxic water Ramona Yesenia stood waiting for water to replace the municipal supply contaminated by a chemical spill
16 августа 2014
Hawaii braces as hurricanes close in Tourists and locals braced for double trouble in Hawaii on Thursday as a rare pair of hurricanes took aim at the holiday paradise.
08 августа 2014
Fog or pollution? Photo © Abakumov Air pollution at critical level in Ust-Kamenogorsk Kazakhstan’s National Hydrometeorological service reported a high level of hazardous air pollutants that appeared to look like a fog.
08 августа 2014
Photo courtesy of Russian Troitskaya power plant fined by Kazakh environmentalists Russian Troitskaya GRES power plant has been fined $35 thousand by Kazakhstani environmentalists.
05 августа 2014
Illustration ©tengrinews Kazakhstan exports hazardous waste to France Kazakh Ministry and UNDP have shipped 80 tonnes of hazardous sovtol from Kazakhstan to France and disposed of it there.
04 августа 2014
Yosemite Park fire threatens famous giant sequoia trees A fire raging in California's Yosemite National Park advanced, threatening a grove of famous giant sequoia trees.
01 августа 2014

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