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©Reuters/Andrew Winning Drugs scandal rocks Britain's troubled 'ethical' bank Britain's Co-operative Bank, which prides itself on ethical investments, has been plunged deeper into crisis after its former chairman was filmed allegedly seeking to buy drugs.
19 ноября 2013
 ©RIA Novosti US Embassy offers anti-drug grants to Kazakhstan NGOs The US Embassy in Kazakhstan is giving out smaller grants to NGOs for projects to reduce drug abuse in Kazakhstan.
15 ноября 2013
Afghan opium cultivation hits record high in 2013: UN Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan reached a record high this year as farmers seek to "insure" themselves ahead of NATO forces' withdrawal next year, the United Nations said Wednesday.
13 ноября 2013
©Reuters/US DEA/Handout via Reuters Myanmar makes biggest heroin bust this year Myanmar police said Thursday they had arrested a man with 133 kilos (293 pounds) of heroin worth $2 million at local prices -- the country's biggest seizure of the drug this year.
25 октября 2013
©Reuters Execution drugs spark controversy as supplies dwindle The US is turning to new drugs for lethal injections as supplies of the current standard dwindle, sparking lawsuits from death row prisoners that the changes will cause undue suffering.
11 октября 2013
©Reuters/Luke MacGregor GSK to seek green light for malaria vaccine British drug maker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) said on Tuesday it hoped to get the green light for a prototype vaccine against malaria after trials showed it offered children a partial shield against the disease.
08 октября 2013
Maduro probes purported US involvement in Air France drug cache Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday he was investigating whether US drug enforcement agents were involved in a huge cocaine drug bust as part of a plot to brand Venezuela a "narco state."
04 октября 2013
©Reuters/Jose Luis Gonzalez 'War' on illegal drugs is failing: study The global war on heroin, cocaine and cannabis is failing to stem supply, as prices of these drugs have tumbled while seizures of them have risen.
01 октября 2013
Drug use surges among US baby boomers: survey The use of illegal drugs among Americans in general is holding steady, but it's surging among middle-aged baby boomers.
05 сентября 2013
©REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad Who is 'Molly'? A sweet name for deadly designer drug Everybody is talking about Molly, but few aside from the young, hip and famous knew who she was until the death of two people at a New York music festival this weekend.
04 сентября 2013
Peru coca growers switch to coffee, battle fungus Peru's anti-drug strategy hinges on persuading farmers to grow coffee instead of coca, the raw material of cocaine, but low prices and plant disease are getting in the way.
03 сентября 2013
©REUTERS/Baz Ratner Experimental drug 'cures' hepatitis C in small trials An experimental drug combination cured 70 percent of patients with hepatitis C in early trials, offering hope of a simpler remedy for the chronic liver disease.
28 августа 2013
©REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya Long-term study backs early HIV drugs for children A landmark five-year trial has strengthened evidence that early use of antiretroviral drugs helps children combat the AIDS virus.
22 августа 2013
Australian drug mule Corby a step closer to release The corrections board on the Indonesian resort island of Bali has recommended jailed Australian drug trafficker Schapelle Corby for parole.
17 августа 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry will not expand methadone program 273 patients are taking part in the opioid substitution therapy (OST) program in Kazakhstan.
07 августа 2013
Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez. Photo courtesy of Bananas, pain killers do trick for world's oldest man A US drug company said Friday it was considering a banana-flavored version of its pain reliever after the world's oldest man attributed his longevity to the fruit and the drug.
28 июля 2013
Senegal police chief suspected of drug trafficking Senegal's top police chief and former drug buster is suspected of drug trafficking and was dismissed from his job Thursday as police launched an investigation.
27 июля 2013
Pope warns Latin America against legalizing drugs Pope Francis warned Latin America against legalizing drugs on Wednesday, delving into a hot topic in his home region after celebrating the first public mass of his landmark visit to Brazil.
25 июля 2013
Photo by Marat Abilov© US deny blackmailing Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry, but attached copy confirms it Methadone was not mentioned in the letter of the former US Ambassador to Kazakhstan Richard Hoagland to Kazakhstan Healthcare Minister Salidat Kairbekova: US Embassy.
25 июля 2013
Former U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan Richard Hoagland. Photo courtesy of © U.S. Ambassador's blackmailing of Kazakhstan Healthcare Minister revealed Former U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan sent a letter to Kazakhstan Healthcare Minister insistently recommending her to continue the methadone program in Kazakhstan.
23 июля 2013

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