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Новости по теме: drought По вашему запросу найдено: 20 материалов
22.08.2014 10:34 Environment
A severe drought is hitting Brazil's largest city and thriving economic capital with no end in sight.
05.08.2013 16:45 Environment
Japanese biotechnologists on Sunday said they had developed a rice plant with deeper roots that can sustain high yields in droughts that wipe out conventional rice crops.
30.03.2013 10:00 Politics
Canada said Thursday it is pulling out of a UN convention that fights drought, mostly in Africa, becoming the only nation to walk away from a pact that Ottawa says is a waste of money.
15.03.2013 15:16 Disasters
New Zealand declared a drought across its entire North Island for the first time in at least 30 years on Friday, with low river levels in the capital Wellington also worrying officials.
06.03.2013 12:52 Disasters
Millions of people in western India are suffering their worst drought in more than four decades, with critics blaming official ineptitude and corruption for exacerbating the natural water shortage.
06.02.2013 14:51 Laws, Initiatives
It is preferable to plan drought expenditures annually, rather than urgently allocate money to eliminate consequences that Kazakhstan farmers face.
14.12.2012 11:34 Politics
The beginning of 2013 will be difficult for Central Asian countries because of this year’s drought in the grain-yielding regions of the world.
14.11.2012 15:00 Science, Technologies
Two years ago we started a joint project with Australian center of functional economy and research to increase drought-resistance of our wheat: expert.
08.11.2012 19:12 Markets
The grain harvest in Kazakhstan almost halved this year following a severe drought.
01.10.2012 16:32 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan Farmers Union evaluates that 1.5 million hectares of land have been hit by drought in our country: Soyuz Atameken chairman.
17.09.2012 13:13 Emergencies
Kazakhstan farmers have sent a letter to the government and President asking to declare the state of emergency in several regions of the country.
29.07.2012 17:56 Science, Technologies
First Vice Prime-Minister Serik Akhmetov decided that this technology is vital during his trip to drought-ridden Kostanay oblast.
28.07.2012 10:32 Disasters
The drought in America's breadbasket is intensifying at an unprecedented rate, experts warned Thursday, driving concern food prices could soar if crops in the world's key producer are decimated.
27.07.2012 15:27 Disasters
The damage will not threaten the food security of the oblast, agriculture department promises.
26.07.2012 14:10 Finance
Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry is working on measures to support farmers in relation to the severe drought in Kazakhstan.
24.07.2012 17:16 Politics
This agricultural year is spent amid drought conditions. This is happening not only in our country, but also in Russia, U.S. and Europe: Nazarbayev.
24.07.2012 14:09 Disasters
The drought especially severely effected grain crops in Kostanay oblast where only 18 percent of the crops can be saved: Minister.
20.07.2012 17:20 Markets
There will be no problem with grain supplies to the country’s regions; flour and bread prices will not grow: Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry.
18.07.2012 13:25 Finance
There was no end in sight Tuesday to the blistering heatwave baking much of the United States that has farmers mulling cutting down crucial crops and sent grain prices skyrocketing.
17.07.2012 15:04 Disasters
The United States is experiencing its widest-spread drought in 56 years, according to a release by the nation's meteorological agency Monday.