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21.08.2015 15:46 Finance
Kazakhstani experts comment on Bank of American Merrill Lynch placing the Central Asian country among ten countries most vulnerable to a sovereign default.
01.07.2015 11:35 Finance
Eurozone finance ministers declined to extend Greece's bailout Tuesday hours before its expiry and a possible IMF default.
31.07.2014 11:12 Finance
Last-ditch talks between Argentina and the US hedge funds it has branded "vultures" failed to reach agreement Wednesday, effectively pushing the country into default.
29.07.2014 16:16 Finance
Argentina admitted it may default on some of its debts but downplayed the consequences, just two days before time expires in negotiations with hedge funds demanding full payment on their bonds.
19.06.2014 10:44 Finance
Argentina will not make a bond service payment due June 30 in New York as ordered by a US judge, the economy ministry said Wednesday, moving the country closer to default.
17.06.2014 11:16 Finance
President Cristina Kirchner said that there would be no default in payment of Argentina's restructured debt, after a US Supreme Court ruling piled pressure on the country's finances.
10.10.2013 11:35 Politics
Chinese state media hit out at US lawmakers Thursday, a week ahead of a potential US default, urging them to "stop manufacturing crises" that threaten the global economy.
08.10.2013 13:36 Politics
The "unthinkable" threat of a US default weighed on Washington Monday, as a standoff over raising the government debt ceiling drowned out angst over a week-long government shutdown.