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Trump, Carson in spotlight as Republicans brace for debate Donald Trump, the longtime frontrunner in the Republican presidential race, gears up for battle in a third nationally televised candidates' debate, with fellow outsider Ben Carson hot on his heels.
29 октября 2015
Greek leaders question EU migration policy, seek room to amend bailout The two main candidates for the Greek premiership in this weekend's snap election questioned the EU's migration policy.
15 сентября 2015
24 million watched US presidential debate: Nielsen A staggering 24 million viewers tuned in to Fox News to watch the first major Republican US presidential debate, the highest-rated non-sports telecast in cable television history.
08 августа 2015
Leader of the opposition Labour Party, Ed Miliband arrives at ITV Studios in Salford, north west England. Cameron and austerity take fire in UK election debate British Prime Minister David Cameron and his austerity policies came under attack on Thursday from six other party leaders in the only full debate before next month's general election.
03 апреля 2015
Edinburgh and London grapple over North Sea's black gold North Sea oil has been at the centre of fierce debate over Scotland's future ahead of an independence vote next month.
22 августа 2014
Are the open-minded Dutch in denial over Black Pete? A passionate debate around Black Pete in the Netherlands has highlighted the prickly subject of racism, often denied in a country proud of its open-minded values.
26 октября 2013
Australian PM says he is far from 'dead and buried' Embattled Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd warned Thursday he was nowhere near being "dead and buried" after a debate.
22 августа 2013
Battle lines drawn as US Senate readies gun debate The most significant US Senate debate on gun laws in 20 years starts Tuesday with the chamber introducing a bipartisan compromise on background checks.
16 апреля 2013
Australian hopes for wine with more health benefits The health properties of red wine have long been debated but an Australian biochemist believes he has created a drop so loaded with antioxidants that it could treat a range of ills.
22 января 2013
Passions rise in France ahead of anti gay marriage protest Passions and tensions are rising in France ahead of an expected giant weekend rally against the government's plan to legalise same-sex marriage and adoption that has angered influential Catholic and Muslim groups.
09 января 2013
US shooting revives debate over mental health care The deadly US shooting rampage last week has revived debate about access to mental health care -- a tough issue as state funds dry up and laws make it difficult to treat people against their will.
20 декабря 2012
Signs of evolving US gun debate after school tragedy New signs emerged Monday of an evolving US gun law debate, with several top lawmakers appearing more open to stiffening controls on firearms after the Connecticut school massacre.
18 декабря 2012
No-hoper steals S. Korean presidential debate A far-left candidate polling at around one percent in South Korea's presidential candidate stole the campaign's first TV debate with a scathing attack on conservative front-runner Park Geun-Hye.
05 декабря 2012
Church of England starts women bishops debate The Church of England's all-or-nothing debate on whether to introduce women bishops got under way Tuesday in its biggest and most contentious decision for two decades.
21 ноября 2012
Romney: Obama riding a sinking ship Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney said President Barack Obama's campaign was "taking on water", as the rivals barnstormed across toss-up states while seeking swing votes two weeks before election day.
24 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of US, Iran deny deal for bilateral nuclear talks Iran and the United States both denied any deal had been reached for one-on-one nuclear talks, as The New York Times reported -- even though the White House said it was open to such a dialogue.
23 октября 2012
Obama, Romney tied in latest poll A new pull puts US President Barack Obama and his Republican rival, Mitt Romney dead even in their race for the White House on the eve of their final televised debate.
22 октября 2012
Australia PM misogyny speech sparks dictionary rethink Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's fiery speech calling the opposition leader a misogynist on Wednesday prompted a leading dictionary to broaden its definition of the word.
17 октября 2012
Iran still 'good way away' from nuclear weapon: Biden Iran is still "a good way away" from acquiring a nuclear weapon, US Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday, insisting the United States would stop Tehran before it was too late.
13 октября 2012
Romney surges as White House race narrows Inviting supporters to taunt Barack Obama with chants of "four more weeks," rival Mitt Romney surged into the lead in US opinion polls Tuesday, his reward for beating the president in their first head-to-head debate.
11 октября 2012

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