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21.02.2015 15:23 Disasters
Australia was clearing up after two severe cyclones left a trail of destruction, wrecking hundreds of homes and cutting electricity to tens of thousands.
20.02.2015 13:19 Disasters
Two powerful cyclones pounded Australia and left a trail of destruction with houses ripped apart, trees uprooted and power lines torn down.
14.10.2014 11:40 Disasters
Workers rushed to restore communication and power links and clear roads after a cyclone battered India's east coast.
13.10.2014 16:40 Disasters
A major relief operation was under way after a cyclone pounded India's eastern coast, killing at least six people and leaving a trail of destruction.
11.04.2014 10:00 Emergencies
Australia's sparsely populated northern tip was Thursday preparing for the largest cyclone to hit the area since Cyclone Yasi smashed into Queensland in 2011, ripping homes from their foundations and devastating crops.
13.01.2014 09:54 Environment
A state of emergency was declared in parts of Tonga Saturday as powerful Cyclone Ian slammed into the South Pacific island nation, bringing winds estimated at 105 knots (200 kilometres per hour).
03.01.2014 19:38 Environment
One person died and 15 were injured after a cyclone packing winds of 150 kilometres (95 miles) an hour brushed by the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion, officials said Friday.
31.12.2013 17:29 Disasters
A powerful cyclone lashed Australia's resources-rich west coast Tuesday, bringing torrential rains and destructive gales that ripped up trees and roofs and closed major global iron ore operations.
12.10.2013 14:19 Disasters
India issued a red alert as a massive cyclone bore down on the east coast Saturday, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people.
17.05.2013 18:13 Disasters
Bangladesh began cleaning up on Friday after a killer cyclone wrecked thousands of homes along its coast while breathing a sigh of relief that the damage was not much worse.
16.05.2013 12:15 Disasters
A cyclone ripped into the Bangladeshi coast on Thursday as hundreds of thousands of people hunkered down in evacuation shelters including in a region of Myanmar torn by communal unrest.
26.02.2013 11:06 Environment
Australian authorities urged the evacuation of parts of the resource-rich northwest Tuesday as a powerful cyclone whipped up huge seas, while a man died in heavy flooding in the northeast.
11.01.2013 17:03 Environment
Western Australians were bracing Friday for a cyclone with residents warned to batten down for storms and destructive winds gusting up to 140 kilometres per hour (90 mph).
16.12.2012 12:56 Disasters
Fijians living in low-lying areas were urged to flee to higher ground Saturday as a cyclone bore down on the Pacific nation after leaving a trail of destruction in Samoa with up to 10 feared dead.
14.12.2012 13:38 Disasters
The Pacific nation of Samoa faces up to two weeks without electricity, officials said Friday, after a cyclone that killed two people and sent hundreds fleeing to safety destroyed its main power station.
13.12.2012 14:48 Environment
Flash floods and power cuts hit the Samoan capital Apia Thursday as Tropical Cyclone Evan lashed the Pacific island nation with high winds and heavy rain.
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