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Life or death decisions for India's new president Among the ceremonial invitations piled on the desk of India's new president Pranab Mukherjee sits a small file that could provide the veteran politician with one of his biggest challenges.
23 августа 2012
Russia jails Pussy Riot protest punks for two years A Moscow court Friday handed a two-year jail sentence to three feminist punk rockers who infuriated the Kremlin and captured world attention by ridiculing President Vladimir Putin in Russia's main church.
18 августа 2012
Russia convicts Pussy Riot protest punks A Moscow court found guilty three young members of a feminist punk band who captured global attention by defying the Russian authorities and ridiculing President Vladimir Putin in a church.
17 августа 2012
A woman holds a packet Winfield cigarettes. ©REUTERS/Daniel Munoz Australia says no plan for total smoking ban Australia said Thursday it has no plans to ban smoking after a key court ruling allowing cigarettes to be sold in plain packets, describing the health battle against tobacco as "one step at a time."
16 августа 2012
Taiwan's ex-leader Lee rejects corruption charges Taiwan's ex-leader Lee Teng-hui on Friday defended himself in court against corruption charges stemming from his presidency between 1988 and 2000.
13 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Ablyazov's accomplice sentenced to jail at Cyprus Cyprus court sentenced British citizen Paul Kythreotis, an accomplice of the former chairman of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov, to jail for contempt of court.
13 августа 2012
Japan mulls international court for S. Korea row Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba said Saturday that Tokyo was considering asking the International Court of Justice to settle a bitter row with South Korea over a disputed island group.
12 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of S. Korean Buddhist monks fined for gambling A South Korean court said Friday it has fined two Buddhist monks for illegal gambling, after video footage of their high-stakes poker game sparked a scandal in religious circles.
10 августа 2012
Former Blackwater fined $7.5 mn over US arms case The security firm formerly known as Blackwater has agreed to pay a fine of $7.5 million to avoid US prosecution for smuggling arms, the Justice Department said in a statement Tuesday.
09 августа 2012
Samsung exec 'very offended' by Apple rip-off claim A top Samsung executive testified Monday that he found "very offensive" the suggestion that the South Korean gadget giant ripped-off Apple's market-leading mobile iPhone and iPad devices.
07 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Canada policewomen file sex harassment class action More than 200 policewomen and former cops have alleged sexual harassment on the job in a class action lawsuit against Canada's federal police force, with hearings beginning on Thursday.
06 августа 2012
Ex-cop faces US trial in death of third wife A former police officer who allegedly killed his third wife -- and was charged only after his fourth wife disappeared under suspicious circumstances -- saw his case finally go to trial Tuesday.
02 августа 2012
Colorado shooting suspect to be charged Alleged Colorado cinema gunman James Holmes is due to make his second court appearance on Monday as he is charged with committing one of America's worst ever mass shootings.
31 июля 2012
Photo courtesy of US jury to decide Apple, Samsung patent case Jury selection was set to open Monday in a US federal court in the blockbuster patent case pitting Apple against Samsung, which accuse each other of copying patents for smartphones and tablets.
31 июля 2012
Keith Alexander. ©REUTERS/Hyungwon Kang US spy master courts top hackers at Def Con US spy master Keith Alexander on Friday courted hackers at an infamous Def Con gathering rife with software tricksters wary of police and ferociously protective of privacy.
28 июля 2012
Batman shooter was psychiatric patient The suspected Batman massacre gunman was seeing a psychiatrist specializing in schizophrenia before the attack that killed 12 in Colorado.
28 июля 2012
Odd appearance by Colorado shooting suspect His hair dyed orange, eyes staring out blankly or drooping shut, presumed Colorado gunman James Holmes seemed unhinged Monday as he made a bizarre first appearance in court.
24 июля 2012
Georgia to execute mentally handicapped man Barring a last minute intervention by the US Supreme Court, a mentally handicapped man will be executed Monday in Georgia, despite protests from around the world -- and from the victim's family.
23 июля 2012
Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. ©REUTERS/Handout Lawyers ask for Guantanamo trial to be televised Lawyers for the alleged Al-Qaeda mastermind of the deadly 2000 attack on the USS Cole demanded Thursday that his Guantanamo military tribunal be televised.
20 июля 2012
Obama, Clinton 'prejudiced' WikiLeaks suspect's case President Barack Obama's comments about the soldier accused of the biggest intelligence leak in US history were prejudicial and sought to harm the suspect's defense.
18 июля 2012

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