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12.11.2015 19:06 Politics
Kazakhstan plans to cooperate with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in defense and space industries.
10.09.2015 18:08 Science, Technologies
Astronauts, who are currently on board of the ISS, have tweeted the photos of the Caspian Sea and Kazakhstan's capital Astana from space.
08.09.2015 21:02 People
Kazakhstan’s astronaut Aidyn Aimbetov has dreamt of flying to space since he was a child.
10.08.2015 14:21 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan’s astronaut Aidyn Aimbetov will conduct a number of studies during his 10 day space flight on board the Soyuz TMA-18M spacecraft.
30.07.2015 18:49 Science, Technologies
Kazakh cosmonaut Aydin Aimbetov has been going through a pre-flight preparation in Russian Star City for two months already.
06.06.2015 14:30 Science, Technologies
Head of the Russian Space Agency Igor Komarov declared that Russia will be continuing launches from Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome until 2024, when it will switch to its own Vostochny Cosmodrome.
31.05.2015 03:02 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan is experiencing disruptions in the transition from Proton carrier rocket to more environmentally friendly Angara booster.
13.05.2015 01:40 Disasters
A lot of efforts were made to preserve Astana from flooding. Technology were one way to do that as daily photographs of areas around the Kazakh capital were made to control the situation.
29.04.2015 12:02 Science, Technologies
Russia will try again to make contact with an unmanned cargo ship after communications were lost following the spacecraft's launch toward the International Space Station.
28.04.2015 17:52 Science, Technologies
Russian officials said an unmanned Progress spacecraft carrying supplies to the International Space Station had suffered a glitch.
17.04.2015 10:58 Science, Technologies
A NASA probe that has circled Mercury for the past four years will make a dramatic death plunge into the planet's surface in late April when it runs out of fuel.
18.03.2015 14:44 Science, Technologies
The Milky Way galaxy may be home to billions of planets orbiting their host stars in a "habitable zone" where life could theoretically exist.
12.03.2015 15:18 Science, Technologies
Two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut returned to Earth aboard a Soyuz space capsule after spending six months at the International Space Station.
24.11.2014 11:45 Science, Technologies
A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying Italy's first female astronaut safely blasted off Sunday to begin its journey to the International Space Station.
18.11.2014 10:52 Science, Technologies
Rosetta mission had become a tale of heroics in deep space, with the secrets of the Solar System at stake.
17.11.2014 12:49 Science, Technologies
Famous Kazakh cosmonaut Talgat Musabayev praises the Rosetta mission, which saw a space probe landing on the surface of a comet for the first time in human history.
11.09.2014 15:26 Science, Technologies
Two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut returned to Earth after spending more than six months working aboard the International Space Station.
23.08.2014 14:41 Science, Technologies
Two European Galileo satellites launched by a Russian-built rocket on Friday from French Guiana have not reached their intended orbit.
18.08.2014 10:12 Science, Technologies
Unmanned Cygnus cargo ship disintegrated as planned as it re-entered Earth's atmosphere after a month-long resupply mission.
15.08.2014 14:52 Entertainment, Style
Hello Kitty has been sent on her first space mission, as Japan's global icon of cute celebrates its 40th birthday in extraterrestrial fashion.
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