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Josef Wesolowski © Vatican's ex-ambassador to Kazakhstan stores thousands of child porn photos and videos Former Vatican ambassador to Kazakhstan Jozef Wesolowski has kept over a hundred thousand child porn photos and over a hundred child porn videos on his computer.
29 сентября 2014
Photo . ©uralskweek. Raul Uporov Baruch to face court on June 10 for corrupting minors in Kazakhstan Peter Baruch, the British national detained in Kazakhstan's Uralsk on charges of corrupting minors, will face the court on June 10th.
03 июня 2014
Photo © Uralsk corruption of minors case against British oil worker still not in court Peter Baruch’s corruption of minors case has been transferred on to the prosecutor’s office.
13 мая 2014
Peter Baruch. Photo © Peter Baruch's hearing postponed Peter Baruch detained for corruption of minors in Kazakhstan's Uralsk and Atyrau will remain in custody till the end of the month.
21 апреля 2014
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