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©Reuters Google says anti-privacy effort has delivered $2 bn Google said Wednesday its efforts to fight online piracy yielded $2 billion to copyright holders whose content is shown on YouTube.
13 июля 2016
Illustration © EEU to sign agreements on protection of intellectual property in 2015 Kazakhstan Minister of Justice Berik Imashev observed recent trends in registration and protection of trademarks, copyrights and other types of intellectual property in Kazakhstan.
26 декабря 2014
Arslanbek Sultanbekov. Photo a courtesy of Turkey ruling party accused of copyright breaching by Kazakh composer Kazakhstan composer Arslanbek Sultanbekov has accused the Turkish ruling party of breaching his copyright.
23 марта 2014
US court deals blow to digital music resales A US federal court has dealt a blow to a music website offering sales of "pre-owned" digital music, ruling that it violates copyright law by making illegal reproductions.
03 апреля 2013
©REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz US film, music industries roll out anti-piracy program A new "copyright alert" system has begun rolling out this week in the United States in an effort to curb online piracy.
01 марта 2013
Photo courtesy of US braces for 'six strikes' anti-piracy program A new voluntary system aimed at rooting out online copyright piracy using a controversial "six strikes" system is set to be implemented by US Internet providers soon, with the impact unclear.
26 января 2013
©RIA Novosti/Mikhail Fomichev Websites outside .kz zone violating Kazakhstan legislation may be blocked Websites outside .kz domain zone may be blocked based on the international agreements between law-enforcement authorities.
10 февраля 2012
©RIA Novosti No websites closed after adoption of Copyright Law in Kazakhstan No Kazakhstan websites were closed after adoption of the new Copyright Law.
10 февраля 2012
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