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Apple dessert made by British chef Cherish Finden ©Alisher Akhmetov Aport apples should become symbol of Kazakh cuisine: British chef Desserts with Aport apples may be a way to enrich Kazakh national cuisine.
05 октября 2014
Yummy baursaks No Baursaks, no Nauryz: Kostanay Kostanay city fried over one ton of Nauryz baursaks and treated the city folks with the yummy snacks.
24 марта 2014
Chef Alex Atala: Brazil's taste ambassador Brazilian chef Alex Atala, widely seen as one of South America's culinary wizards, is making his name by highlighting the little-known cuisine of the Amazon region.
22 ноября 2013
©Reuters World's biggest fruitcake brings sweet reward in Nicaragua About three hundred kids staged a fundraiser in Nicaragua on Sunday and smashed a sweet Guinness Book record, baking the world's largest fruitcake.
18 ноября 2013
Viktor Belyayev, Alexandr Tregubenko and Thomas Gugler. ©Vladimir Prokopenko Culinary completion gatheres world-class chefs in Almaty The International Culinary Festival 2013 gathered world-class chefs in Almaty.
31 октября 2013
Kazakhstan's chefs in Turkey Kremlin Chef to judge culinary fest in Almaty Kremlin Chef will judge a culinary competition in Almaty.
27 октября 2013
U.S. chef Mark Tafoya. Photo by Marat Ablilov© American chef to present dish for U.S. and Kazakhstan presidents in Astana U.S. chef Mark Tafoya held a master class in Astana.
05 июня 2013
Belgium, France lay claim to fries Fries, crunchy, salty, tasty fried sticks of potato are claimed by Belgium and France as the product of their national gastronomic genius but the true origins are shrouded in popular folklore.
29 декабря 2012
©REUTERS/Tarmizy Harva Threatened shark species turning up in US restaurants: study Threatened shark species are being used to make shark fin soup, a delicacy in Chinese cuisine, in several US cities, according to an unprecedented study based on DNA testing.
11 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of 13-cereal-yurt got into Kazakhstan Books of Records Saken Seifullin Kazakh Agronomic University research fellows made a miniature yurt consisting of 13 cereals.
19 июня 2012
Photo by  Danial Okassov© PHOTO: Astana hosted international cooks contest DELARUK Astana 2012 international cooks contest was held in Astana on April 18-20. There have been no reports on the winners, though.
22 апреля 2012
Cooks are spreading the beshbarmak on the plate. Photo by  Renat Tashkinbayev© The biggest beshbarmak was cooked in Astana: PHOTO Astana residents made an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by cooking beshbarmak that weighted 300 kilograms.
22 декабря 2011
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