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18.09.2015 17:58 Entertainment, Style
Over the years Tintin has battled spies, climbed the Himalayas and travelled to the Moon but the intrepid Belgian boy reporter now faces what could be his biggest adventure yet -- an opera.
11.02.2015 13:55 Entertainment, Style
Host Jon Stewart will leave the satirical and pioneering "The Daily Show" later this year, his bosses at Comedy Central said, calling him a "comic genius."
29.10.2014 14:34 Cinema, Music
Marvel unveiled plans for a slate of new superhero films, expanding its already wildly successful comic book universe.
23.09.2014 13:15 Art, Books
The life of billionaire Facebook executive and "Lean In" author Sheryl Sandberg has been distilled into a 32-page comic book set for release this week.
05.09.2014 11:00 People
Joan Rivers, the acerbic stand-up comic and television host, died in hospital in New York on Thursday.
04.09.2014 12:54 People
Joan Rivers rushed to a New York hospital last week, has been moved out of intensive care, her daughter said Wednesday.
30.08.2014 11:51 People
Joan Rivers, the acerbic US stand-up comic and octogenarian television presenter, remained seriously ill in a New York hospital for a second day.
14.05.2014 11:44 Laws, Initiatives
The Tokyo government is to ban sales to children of a manga comic that depicts incestuous relationships, an official said Tuesday, the first time expanded rules on sexual content have been invoked.
13.04.2014 03:12 Cinema, Music
It took 8 days to get Peter Parker to speak the Kazakh language.
08.03.2014 12:55 Religion
Malaysia has banned a translation of an Ultraman comic book after it referred to the popular Japanese superhero as "Allah", authorities said Friday, during an ongoing row over use of the word by non-Muslims.
11.02.2014 14:35 Companies
US health officials closed down a spoof Starbucks coffee shop shortly after a TV comic revealed himself as the man behind the stunt, which drew media attention and plenty of customers.
08.01.2014 18:30 Laws, Initiatives
President Francois Hollande has backed attempts to ban controversial French comedian Dieudonne as a furore intensified over his sketches that have been widely condemned as anti-Semitic.
05.01.2014 11:53 Religion
A Nazi-hunting family has called for protests against controversial French comedian Dieudonne over his vitriolic brand of humour targeting Jews, as a government minister said he must pay fines accrued for racist abuse.
18.08.2011 13:13 Art, Books
The first book of Kazakhstan comics has been made in Almaty. You can see what Kazakh-made comics are like for yourselves.