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17.11.2014 17:37 Emergencies
A grenade explosion has rocked the College of Fashion and Design in Almaty this morning killing a female student and injuring twelve others.
06.06.2014 11:49 Crime
A lone gunman killed one person and injured three others Thursday on a college campus in the northwestern US city of Seattle, where the mayor denounced America's "epidemic of gun violence."
01.01.2014 17:11 Education
Britain's Prince William is to become a full-time student of agricultural management for 10 weeks as he forges a life after the military, the royal family announced on Monday.
28.10.2013 10:20 Education
Every October, hundreds of South Korean teachers and professors are sequestered -- like jurors in a mafia trial -- in a secret, guarded compound: prisoners of their country's obsession with education.
30.09.2013 14:54 Crime
Boko Haram gunmen on Sunday opened fire in a college dormitory in northeast Nigeria as the students slept, killing 40.
05.06.2013 14:18 Emergencies
Seven people, including two students, were injured Tuesday in an apparent accidental gas explosion at a college north of New York City.