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18.08.2016 16:34 Environment
Soaring temperatures worldwide made July the Earth's hottest month in modern times, setting a new high mark for global heat.
15.06.2016 15:35 Environment
President Francois Hollande finalised ratification of the Paris climate accord reached in December 2015.
19.04.2016 13:33 Environment
Coral bleaching has been detected in Sydney Harbour. The damaging phenomenon is blamed on warming sea-surface temperatures.
18.04.2016 14:51 Environment
US energy giant ExxonMobil is facing an onslaught from environmentalists and some shareholders including the Rockefeller Family Fund.
11.03.2016 15:21 Environment
Residents in low-lying areas of the Marshall Islands are braced for flooding underscoring the islands' vulnerability to climate change.
10.02.2016 17:58 Environment
Warming temperatures are causing about half of the world's plants and animals to move location, with every major type of species affected.
25.12.2015 17:41 Environment
Russia is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the world, sounding an alarm on the rise in floods and wildfires nationwide.
09.12.2015 17:54 Markets
China's coal industry is now crippled by oversupply, but its companies are too big to fail.
30.11.2015 16:54 Environment
The Eiffel Tower turned green Sunday for the opening of the Paris climate conference, marking the launch of an art project that will see "virtual trees" grow on the landmark to support reforestation.
28.11.2015 16:43 Environment
Thousands turned out for climate change marches across the Asia-Pacific region, part of a weekend of action across the globe to demand results from next week's historic Paris summit.
27.11.2015 15:37 Politics
Prince Charles warned that if international leaders fail to clinch a deal on climate change at talks in Paris next week, it would leave mankind facing a "perfect storm".
25.11.2015 17:33 Environment
The international community must secure a binding deal against climate change at key UN talks in Paris next week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.
18.11.2015 17:31 Politics
US President Barack Obama said he was optimistic an elusive deal to contain global warming could be forged at an upcoming crunch summit in Paris.
13.11.2015 14:28 Entertainment, Style
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet leaders of Canada's provinces and territories to hash out a cohesive climate strategy a week before key international talks in Paris.
10.11.2015 14:11 Environment
French President Francois Hollande called for the creation of an "environmental security council" to verify and enforce measures to be adopted at a year-end UN climate summit.
04.11.2015 14:48 Politics
Justin Trudeau takes over as Canada's prime minister, striking out on the diplomatic stage with a fortnight of back-to-back summits leading up to the UN climate talks in Paris.
02.11.2015 15:37 Politics
French President Francois Hollande said Monday that Chinese support was "essential" to reaching an effective deal at the forthcoming climate change conference in Paris, as he began a visit to the Asian giant.
29.10.2015 15:46 Environment
India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Thursday for a "comprehensive and concrete" agreement on climate change in December, as he addressed African leaders at a major summit in New Delhi.
17.10.2015 17:13 Politics
French President Francois Hollande, on a visit to Iceland, said he was "very pessimistic" about the effects of climate change as negotiators prepare for preparatory talks in Bonn on a climate rescue pact.
15.10.2015 16:06 Environment
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is "reasonably optimistic" about a world climate conference due to open in Paris at the end of next month.
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