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Michael Morrell. Photo courtesy of Snowden's leaks most serious in US history: ex-CIA official Leaks from Edward Snowden have helped America's adversaries and represent the most serious breach of classified information in US history.
28 октября 2013
Edward Snowden. ©Reuters/Jason Lee Edward Snowden given 'integrity in intelligence' award US fugitive Edward Snowden has been honored with a prize awarded annually by former CIA staff for exhibiting "integrity in intelligence".
11 октября 2013
©REUTERS/U.S. Navy/Erik Hildebrandt/Northrop Grumman 'Area 51' landing site for U2 planes, not UFOs: CIA A newly declassified CIA document confirms the existence of famed "Area 51" in Nevada, but conspiracy theorists will be disappointed the spy agency offers no proof of alien spaceship landings at the site.
17 августа 2013
©REUTERS/Carlos Barria Huawei lashes out at ex-CIA chief over spying claims Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has hit back at allegations by a former CIA chief that the company spies for Beijing, labelling them "defamatory" and "baseless".
02 августа 2013
US intelligence targeted Italy and France embassies: report France, Italy and Greece were among 38 "targets" of spying operations conducted by US intelligence services, according to documents leaked to the Guardian newspaper by fugitive former CIA operative Edward Snowden.
01 июля 2013
Photo courtesy of Spy marketing: CIA rolls out 'new and improved website' The CIA prides itself on secrecy but the spy agency unveiled a revamped website Monday that promises a user-friendly layout and a "sleeker, more modern web experience."
25 июня 2013
Taliban attack Afghan presidential palace, CIA office Taliban militants targeted the presidential palace and national CIA office in central Kabul on Tuesday morning, with gunfire and explosions erupting at one of the gates of the complex in the Afghan capital.
25 июня 2013
Russian security services name CIA Moscow chief Russia's security services openly named the alleged US intelligence agency's Moscow station chief Friday in a rare breach of protocol after arresting a purported CIA agent working undercover.
18 мая 2013
CIA, FBI flagged Boston suspect Both the CIA and the FBI flagged the deceased Boston bombing suspect over possible terror ties, but he slipped through the fingers of investigators.
25 апреля 2013
Ex CIA head says sorry, in first speech since quitting Former CIA chief General David Petraeus said sorry Tuesday for the "mistake" which triggered his resignation last year, in his first public speech since quitting due to an extra-marital affair.
27 марта 2013
Senator to speak 'as long as it takes' over CIA pick A Republican senator seeking to block President Barack Obama's nominee to lead the CIA is vowing to speak as long as it takes to do so, citing concern about drone strikes on US soil.
07 марта 2013
Obama's choice to run CIA defends US drone war President Barack Obama's choice to run the CIA defended drone strikes as a vital "last resort" against Al-Qaeda militants, despite criticism from senators about the veil of secrecy surrounding the raids.
08 февраля 2013
Photo courtesy of How the US shapes the military's big screen image The CIA and the Pentagon pulled out all the stops for the creators of "Zero Dark Thirty," staging interviews with officials and a Navy SEAL for an inside account of the hunt for Osama bin Laden.
23 января 2013
Obama picks new CIA, Pentagon chiefs US President Barack Obama on Monday nominated controversial former Republican senator Chuck Hagel to lead the Pentagon and proposed that hard-nosed counterterrorism czar John Brennan to head the CIA.
08 января 2013
Jill Kelley. ©REUTERS S. Korea sacks Jill Kelley over Petraeus scandal South Korea said Tuesday it was dismissing Jill Kelley, the Florida socialite at the heart of the scandal that brought down CIA chief David Petraeus, from her post as an "honorary consul".
28 ноября 2012
Benghazi row in Washington narrows on edited memo The row over the assault on the US mission in Libya has narrowed to focus on how and why the CIA's determination that it was a terror attack was left out of a public "talking points" memo.
20 ноября 2012
 David Petraeus. ©REUTERS Petraeus says knew from start Benghazi was terrorism Former CIA chief David Petraeus told lawmakers Friday he knew from the outset that a deadly attack on a US mission in Libya was the work of terrorists, in his first outing since his resignation.
19 ноября 2012
Obama backs Allen over Petraeus sex scandal President Barack Obama backed the commander of US forces in Afghanistan on Tuesday after the top general was dragged into the sex scandal that brought down CIA director David Petraeus.
15 ноября 2012
Stream of new revelations in fall of US spy chief One of fallen CIA chief David Petraeus' senior colleagues in President Barack Obama's administration on Monday welcomed his resignation, as new revelations about his sex scandal surfaced by the hour.
14 ноября 2012
General David Petraeus. ©REUTERS FBI agents search home of Petraeus's lover FBI agents searched the home of the woman at the center of a sex scandal behind David Petraeus's decision to step down as head of the Central Intelligence Agency.
13 ноября 2012

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