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05.08.2016 16:02 Religion
The head of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong has said the Chinese government is willing to reach an understanding with the Vatican.
25.03.2016 14:37 Religion
The band Boxi Rocks features Sekino and three other pastors, who don church robes during their raucous performances.
15.03.2016 17:32 Religion
Pope Francis approved sainthood for Mother Teresa, the missionary nun who became a global if controversial symbol of compassion for her care of the sick and destitute.
29.02.2016 15:39 Religion
Chinese court sentenced a Christian pastor to 14 years in jail for embezzlement, after he opposed forced removal of crosses from churches.
26.06.2015 13:45 Crime
Emotions ran high as defiant mourners held the first funeral services for nine African Americans shot dead by a white alleged supremacist in a Charleston church.
23.06.2015 14:14 Crime
Walmart announced it has decided to remove Confederate flag merchandise from its stores as a debate rages around the banner seen by many as a symbol of racial violence.
22.06.2015 12:03 Religion
The historic black church in South Carolina where a white gunman murdered nine African Americans, held its first church service since the massacre.
20.02.2015 21:21 Emergencies
A fire has engulfed the roof of a church under reconstruction in Almaty.
18.08.2014 11:41 Religion
Pope Francis urged the divided Koreas to reject suspicion and confrontation and unite as "one family, one people".
16.08.2014 15:43 Religion
Pope Francis beatified 124 early Korean martyrs at a mass in Seoul and challenged the crowd to ask what values they might be willing to die for.
12.08.2014 11:54 Religion
More than 20,000 followers of the Unification Church gathered in South Korea for the second anniversary of the death of their "messiah" .
07.08.2014 13:27 Religion
China will construct a "Chinese Christian theology" suitable for the country with both believer numbers and tensions with authorities.
29.07.2014 03:01 Emergencies
A fire largely destroyed one of China's oldest churches early Monday, state media reported, gutting the inside of the late 19th century structure.
21.06.2014 20:03 Religion
Poland's powerful Catholic Church apologised for paedophilia committed by its priests during an unprecedented ceremony attended by top clergy and abuse victims.
21.04.2014 17:01 Religion
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the Ascension Cathedral in Almaty to wish Happy Easter to all Christian Kazakhstanis.
18.04.2014 11:50 Religion
Thousands of people flocked to rural fields in the Philippines on Friday to witness the gruesome spectacle of men being crucified in their annual Easter re-enactment of the death of Jesus Christ.
12.04.2014 14:46 Religion
Pope Francis on Friday personally asked forgiveness for thousands of child sex abuses carried out by priests and promised more action following accusations of cover-ups and excessive leniency by the Vatican.
29.03.2014 10:19 Laws, Initiatives
Gay couples across England and Wales said "I do" on Friday night as a law authorising same-sex marriage came into effect at midnight, the final stage in a long fight for equality.
13.03.2014 17:10 Religion
Pope Francis will spend the first anniversary of his election in a spiritual retreat, far from the adoring crowds in Rome and the tensions within the Church hierarchy that have defined the last year.
13.03.2014 10:25 Religion
Pope Francis celebrates one year in office on Thursday swaddled in a blanket of approval world leaders would die for and most of his predecessors could only dream of.
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