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Clear, crunchy and counterfeit: China's fake jellyfish A tonne of man-made "jellyfish" has been seized by China's police, adding a new ingredient to the country's long recipe of fake foods.
11 мая 2016
Photo courtesy of Pros and cons of chemical castration discussed in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan is considering pros and cons of introducing chemical castration for convicted pedophiles.
11 августа 2015
Syria chlorine gas attacks renew calls for no-fly zone Sickened by footage of doctors trying to help child victims of a gas attack, US lawmakers renewed calls for a US-led no fly zone over Syria.
18 июня 2015
Mysterious source of ozone-depleting chemical baffles NASA A chemical used in dry cleaning and fire extinguishers may have been phased out in recent years.
21 августа 2014
Sigrid Kaag, special coordinator of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons-United Nations (OPCW-UN). ©Reuters/Khaled al-Hariri Last dangerous chemicals shipped from Syria: watchdog The last of Syria's declared chemical agents have been shipped from the war-torn country after months of delays and are en route for destruction at sea, the world's chemical watchdog said.
24 июня 2014
Photo courtesy of Study lists dangerous chemicals linked to breast cancer Certain chemicals that are common in everyday life have been shown to cause breast cancer in lab rats and are likely to do the same in women, US researchers said.
13 мая 2014
US ship heads out to destroy Syrian chemical weapons A specially-equipped US naval ship departed for Italy on Monday on a ground-breaking mission to destroy Syria's most dangerous chemical agents.
28 января 2014
A ship is docked at Syria's Mediterranean port city of Latakia. ©Reuters/Khaled al-Hariri First chemical arms material shipped out of Syria The first shipment of chemical weapons materials left Latakia port Tuesday under a deal to rid Syria of its chemical arsenal.
09 января 2014
Photo courtesy of One dead, seven injured by contaminated China parcels A man was killed and seven others were injured in China after receiving parcels from a delivery company that had become contaminated with toxic chemicals, it was reported Saturday.
22 декабря 2013
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons' (OPCW) Director General Ahmet Uzumcu. ©Reuters/Vegard Grott/NTB Scanpix Chemical watchdog approves Syria plan despite delays The world's chemical watchdog on Tuesday agreed the final details of a plan to destroy Syria's arsenal, vowing to push ahead with the unprecedented project despite delays.
18 декабря 2013
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. ©Reuters/Eduardo Munoz UN chief says Syria chemical attackers should be sanctioned UN chief Ban Ki-moon called on the international community Friday to sanction those responsible for Syrian chemical weapons attacks documented in a newly released report.
15 декабря 2013
Sigrid Kaag, Special Coordinator of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons-United Nations (OPCW-UN). ©Reuters/Khaled al-Hariri Watchdog warns of delay in moving Syria chemical weapons The world's chemical watchdog said Sunday that the transportation of Syria's chemical arsenal out of the country could be delayed by a few days due to technical difficulties.
09 декабря 2013
Weapons investigators from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). ©Reuters/OPCW/UNTV/HANDOUT Chemical watchdog seals Syria arsenal destruction plan The world's chemical watchdog on Friday adopted a final roadmap for ridding Syria of its arsenal by mid-2014, reaching agreement hours before a deadline expired.
16 ноября 2013
© Onishchenko Chemical waste piled in open air near Aktau More than 100 thousand tons of chemical waste is piled out in the open air near Aktau in western Kazakhstan.
14 ноября 2013
Syria chemical disarmament on track as rebel attack causes blackouts Syria is set to hand over a detailed plan for destroying its chemical arsenal Thursday, the international watchdog says, as a rebel attack near Damascus triggered power outages across the country.
24 октября 2013
'Forget Hollywood': Germany trains Syria chemical team An explosion rips through a chemical weapons depot. Bleeding victims stumble out of the building and scream for help.
22 октября 2013
Sigrid Kaag. Photo courtesy of UN names envoy for Syria chemical weapons The head of the United Nations on Sunday named Sigrid Kaag to lead the UN's joint mission with the chemical weapons watchdog tasked with eliminating Syria's arsenal.
14 октября 2013
Chemical weapons watchdog wins Nobel Peace Prize The watchdog now overseeing the destruction of Syria's chemical arsenal has won the Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts to rid the world of the devastating weapons.
13 октября 2013
UN Council backs Ban's Syria disarmament plan The UN Security Council on Thursday backed a plan by UN leader Ban Ki-moon for a joint mission with the global chemical arms watchdog to destroy Syria's weapons.
11 октября 2013
Chemical watchdog plans to deploy second team to Syria The world's chemical watchdog said Tuesday it will send a second team of inspectors to help dismantle Syria's arsenal, as regime warplanes bombed rebels in the northwest of the country.
09 октября 2013

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