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25.07.2016 15:12 People
British holidaymakers spent hours sweating in their cars as 15-hour queues snaked back from the port of Dover on Sunday.
30.05.2014 15:09 Emergencies
A Light aircraft Bekas-X-32 has crashed in Almaty Oblast on May 28, 2014.
25.09.2013 18:40 Emergencies
Explosive experts searched Wednesday for possible booby-traps in the wreckage of a Nairobi shopping mall after a four-day bloodbath by Islamist gunmen, as fears grew over the fate of dozens still missing.
24.09.2013 17:07 Military
The US Navy said Monday it is pushing for more rigorous background checks after a review showed gaps in the case of a former sailor who went on a shooting rampage last week.
27.07.2012 19:02 Laws, Initiatives
A US police federation chief called for tougher checks on gun buyers Thursday, almost a week after a shooter used four weapons, including an assault rifle, to kill 12 people at a cinema in Colorado.