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cell phone

Новости по теме: cell-phone По вашему запросу найдено: 12 материалов
29.04.2015 01:35 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Investments and Development plans to continue lowering the mobile phone tariffs in Kazakhstan.
02.05.2014 11:43 Emergencies
Samsung Electronics Kazakhstan cannot continue the investigation of the Samsung Galaxy S2 explosion that left a first grader from Astana with burns of third-degree.
24.04.2014 21:52 Emergencies
A Samsung Galaxy S2 has exploded in a first-grader’s pocket in Astana causing substantial leg burns.
09.01.2014 12:32 Politics
President Barack Obama invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Washington on Wednesday, hoping to mend fences after a row provoked by revelations of US eavesdropping on her cellphone.
23.11.2013 12:10 People
The complaints started getting loud almost immediately after US regulators said they were considering allowing cell phone use on airplanes.
31.07.2013 17:30 Crime
The driver of a train that derailed in Spain killing 79 people was on the phone to a coworker at the time of the accident, while the train was racing at nearly twice the speed limit.
18.02.2013 18:47 Crime
Thanks to be new development a stolen cellphone can be completely blocked and made inoperable in any of Kazakhstan's networks.
31.08.2012 17:32 Politics
Through an unmarked door, down a passageway and behind a padlocked metal gate lies a room littered with cell phones that is the nerve centre of an underground effort by Angolan rappers to monitor Friday's vote.
21.08.2012 11:21 Strange News
A Finnish teenager has smashed the world record -- and probably his phone -- in this year's annual mobile-phone throwing contest in Finland.
12.07.2012 13:53 Markets
Cellular rates in Kazakhstan have been halved during 2009-2012 thanks to axing of the connection fee and reduction of the interconnect rate.
10.09.2011 15:53 Strange News
Journalist of Tengrinews.kz asked Kazakhstan politicians about ringtones on their cell phones.
13.06.2011 19:21 Kazakhstan
The cost of voice calls between Kazakhstan cellular operators will be 40 percent lower by 2015.
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