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17.07.2014 10:57 Politics
Australia axed a divisive carbon tax after years of vexed political debate, handing the government a key victory after it went to the polls last year vowing the levy would go.
16.07.2013 15:39 Environment
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Tuesday announced the country's divisive fixed-price carbon tax will be scrapped a year ahead of schedule in favour of a market-driven emissions trading scheme.
19.05.2013 11:58 Markets
China will not pay for CO2 emissions by its airlines on flights within Europe, a top civil aviation official reportedly said after the European Commission warned eight Chinese firms face fines for nonpayment.
03.07.2012 12:53 Laws, Initiatives
Australia's new carbon tax received a cool reception in a poll Monday, showing Prime Minister Julia Gillard's mechanism to tackle climate change is unpopular and her government on track to lose office.
13.02.2012 16:20 Markets
A widening split in the global aviation industry over an unpopular European carbon tax may trigger a trade war.
11.01.2012 15:25 Environment
The European Union has imposed a charge on carbon emissions from January 1.