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17.07.2015 16:47 Companies
Two McDonald’s fast food restaurants are opening in Astana soon.
16.07.2015 18:40 Emergencies
In Kazakhstan's Uralsk, a Vaz 2110 car landed on the roof of a café during a police pursuit.
16.06.2015 03:54 Entertainment, Style
Hard Rock Cafe has finally fling its doors open in Almaty this weekend.
04.02.2014 15:00 Markets
Graphics artist and part-time barmaid, Mariza Papasmiria struggled for years juggling her two jobs, working seven days a week for 1,600 euros ($2,200) a month.
10.08.2013 11:41 Art, Books
A loving couple queues in front of a Parisian cafe. "For the brunch, I've got one table at 6pm", a waiter tells them.
21.07.2013 12:13 Entertainment, Style
From a painting hung high on a blood-red wall, Adolf Hitler peers down on young students eating schnitzel and slurping German beer in Indonesia's Nazi-themed cafe.
03.01.2013 17:21 Companies
Starbucks said Thursday it would open its first store next month in Vietnam, seeking a foothold in the coffee-loving country as part of efforts to expand in Asia.