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Новости по теме: bullet По вашему запросу найдено: 5 материалов
11.03.2016 15:30 Markets
Gun deaths in the United States can be slashed by 90 percent through universal application of laws requiring background checks of buyers.
28.03.2013 13:10 Crime
The judge who charged former president Nicolas Sarkozy with taking financial advantage of France's richest woman has received a bullet and a death threat in the post, say lawyers.
08.01.2013 18:10 Unrest
Police officers in Northern Ireland fired plastic bullets and used water cannon after coming under attack from rioters for a fifth consecutive night on Monday.
20.12.2012 18:25 Markets
On the heels of the deadly shooting tragedy in Connecticut, parents' anxiety is driving a surge in sales of bullet-proof backpacks, in the hope the armored bags can give their kids a safety edge.
04.11.2012 11:55 Military
This bullet shot from a common hunting rifle pierces the body armor that cannot be pierced by a bullet released from a sniper rifle.