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Religious duel in Japan: Pastor rock vs. Buddhist monk blues The band Boxi Rocks features Sekino and three other pastors, who don church robes during their raucous performances.
25 марта 2016
Lucky Thai dolls 'non-human' says aviation authority Thailand's air safety body warned passengers that lucky 'child angel' dolls cannot be considered real people and must be properly stowed.
27 января 2016
Japanese monks karate chop, chant in funeral contest Japanese Buddhist monks strutted their stuff in a contest highlighting sutra chanting skills, giving funeral sermons and loud karate chops.
09 декабря 2015
A dying business: family graves in Japan Every once in a while, Kumiko Kano meets a group of people with whom she has decided to spend eternity, one of a growing number in Japan who are shunning the expense and commitment of a traditional family grave.
04 июля 2014
Sri Lanka detains British tourist over Buddha tattoo Sri Lanka has detained a female British tourist for having a Buddha tattoo on her right arm and ordered her deportation, police said.
23 апреля 2014
Dalai Lama says no problem with gay marriage The celibate Dalai Lama has thrown his considerable moral weight behind gay marriage, condemning homophobia and saying sex was fine as long as it was consensual.
07 марта 2014
Photo © Marat Abilov Muslim clergy to teach Religious studies at schools? Member of the Majilis Talgat Yergaliev proposed engaging members of the Muslim clergy in teaching Religious Studies at schools.
16 декабря 2013
Japan Buddhists launch Monks Without Borders First it was the doctors, then came the reporters, now a group of religious men in Japan have formed Monks Without Borders.
12 декабря 2013
Thousands take to Cambodia's streets on Human Rights Day Thousands of Cambodian opposition supporters and activists, including Buddhist monks, took to the streets Tuesday to mark Human Rights Day and call for improvements in the kingdom's rights record.
10 декабря 2013
©Reuters/Danish Siddiqui Malaysian family jailed over child's 'exorcism' death A Malaysian high court on Friday jailed three family members who suffocated their two-year-old to death by piling on top of her in a suspected exorcism ritual.
30 ноября 2013
Indian temple to glitter with 300 kilos of Thai gold India's Mahabodhi temple, one of the world's holiest Buddhist shrines, is to have its dome inlaid with 300 kilograms (660 pounds) of gold donated by Thailand's king and other devotees.
15 ноября 2013
China temple fresco 'restored' with cartoon-like paintings Chinese authorities have "restored" ancient Buddhist frescos in a temple by painting them over with cartoon-like figures from Taoist myths.
23 октября 2013
Monasteries decline as TV and smartphones grip Bhutan Kencho Tshering, a red-robed Buddhist monk, takes a call from the King of Bhutan's office, then duly dashes off to start a ceremony praying for a break in the monsoon rains.
10 августа 2013
Digital reincarnation for Dunhuang's Buddhist art Inching their cameras along a rail inside the chamber, specialists use powerful flashes to light up paintings of female Buddhist spirits drawn more than 1,400 years ago.
26 мая 2013
A stupa built in Raiymbek village will allegedly save Almaty from earthquakes Buddhist constructs stupa to save Almaty from quake Kazakhstan citizen Aleksander Gritskov has offered a new way to save Almaty city from earthquakes.
11 апреля 2013
Myanmar apologises to monks over mine protest injuries Myanmar's government has apologised to senior Buddhist clerics over injuries sustained in a violent police crackdown on a rally at a Chinese-backed copper mine.
09 декабря 2012
Meet Mr Happy: French geneticist turned Tibetan monk As he grins serenely and his burgundy robes billow in the fresh Himalayan wind, it is not difficult to see why scientists declared Matthieu Ricard the happiest man they had ever tested.
02 ноября 2012
UN says over 26,000 displaced by Myanmar unrest Homeless people fled to packed camps or clustered near their charred houses in western Myanmar on Sunday, amid ongoing unrest that the UN said displaced 26,500 from mainly Muslim communities.
29 октября 2012
Muslims flee Myanmar unrest as death toll rises A new wave of sectarian violence in western Myanmar has left five people dead and dozens injured in recent days, triggering another exodus of Muslims to emergency camps.
25 октября 2012
Couple's love bridges Myanmar religious divide Praying with a Koran on his knees in a mud-strewn camp, Rohin Mullah is one of thousands of Muslims uprooted by sectarian bloodshed in Myanmar. But the former monk's story is far from normal.
23 октября 2012

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