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30.05.2016 11:33 People
A Polish grandfather left New York Sunday on his third solo trans-Atlantic crossing in a kayak, aiming to arrive in Portugal in time to celebrate his 70th birthday on firm ground in September.
10.06.2015 16:35 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev expresses his condolences to the Chinese people in connection to the deadly ship accident.
15.04.2015 13:48 Disasters
Up to 400 illegal migrants died after their vessel capsized off the Libyan coast, said survivors who were brought to Italy.
02.04.2015 15:44 Disasters
Rescuers were searching freezing waters off Russia's Far East after a fishing boat sank in the Sea of Okhotsk with the loss of at least 54 lives.
17.01.2015 14:07 Disasters
Twenty-one people have been confirmed dead after a tugboat sank on a trial voyage on the Yangtze, China's longest river.
02.08.2014 11:43 Emergencies
At least 25 people in Indonesia, including six children, have died and 13 are missing in two separate boat sinkings, officials said, as millions travel across the country for the Eid holiday season.
21.07.2014 11:49 Emergencies
The death toll from the latest Mediterranean migrant boat disaster rose to 30 on Sunday, as Malta said it had found 29 bodies in the vessel's hold and Italy said a Syrian baby had died.
15.07.2014 11:40 Emergencies
At least two people died and 18 others were missing after an overloaded boat carrying illegal Indonesian immigrants capsized off the coast of southern Malaysia, a maritime official said.
30.06.2014 10:30 Emergencies
About 30 bodies have been found in a migrant boat which was stopped between Sicily and the North African coast, Italian news agencies reported Monday, citing the navy and coastguard.
20.06.2014 10:43 Emergencies
Malaysian authorities said Friday a 15th body was found and 27 people remain missing from two boat accidents, at a time when Indonesian illegal migrant workers head home for the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.
18.06.2014 10:14 Emergencies
Sixty-six people were missing on Wednesday after an apparently-overloaded boat carrying Indonesian illegal migrants sank in rough waters off Malaysia's west coast, authorities said.
05.05.2014 12:06 Emergencies
Eleven crew members from a Chinese cargo ship are missing after it collided with a container vessel and sank just outside Hong Kong waters on Monday, authorities said.
17.04.2014 13:52 Emergencies
Eight people died, including a child, and five others were missing on Wednesday after a boat carrying migrants towards Greece capsized off western Turkey, local media reported.
24.03.2014 14:15 Sport
Yacht Racing World Championship will bring more than 60 boats to Balkhash, Kazakhstan.
04.10.2013 13:39 Disasters
Locals on the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa fought back tears as they spoke of the desperate rush to haul dozens of drowning immigrants out of the sea as hundreds around them sank into the black waters.
20.08.2013 13:47 Emergencies
A rescue operation was under way Tuesday after an asylum-seeker boat carrying 105 people began sinking north of Australia, two weeks away from an election where boatpeople are a key policy issue.
06.08.2013 11:08 Emergencies
Malaysian rescuers found a fourth body at sea Monday as authorities said they may soon end the search for 36 other Indonesians missing after their boat sank on the way home to celebrate Eid al-Fitr.
04.08.2013 11:07 Emergencies
Rescuers were searching for 40 Indonesians including women and children on Saturday after a boat carrying them home to celebrate the end of the Islamic fasting month sank off Malaysia.
26.07.2013 11:00 Politics
The United Nations on Friday said it was "troubled" by Australia's decision to send asylum-seekers arriving by boat to Papua New Guinea given conditions there failed to adequately protect refugees.
25.07.2013 12:49 People
Australia's conservative opposition unveiled plans Thursday for a military-led response to repel boatpeople, branding the problem a "national emergency".
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