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Новости по теме: bite По вашему запросу найдено: 6 материалов
28.06.2014 10:10 Sport
Uruguay star Luis Suarez exited the World Cup in shame after being hit with the heaviest suspension in the tournament's history for biting an Italian opponent.
25.06.2014 14:10 Sport
Uruguay star Luis Suarez faces expulsion from the World Cup for biting as FIFA confirmed it had opened disciplinary proceedings against the player.
02.04.2014 14:29 Environment
More than three dozens of Almaty residents have suffered tick bites since the beginning of the year.
25.08.2012 18:39 Strange News
A construction worker was bitten by a crocodile during a toilet break in a river in Malaysian Borneo, but fought off the huge reptile and escaped with his life.
02.05.2012 15:16 Health
860 people applied for aid after having been bitten by ticks in South Kazakhstan oblast, Otyrar channel reports.
27.04.2012 11:58 Health
Around 500 people have already applied for medical aid after tick bites in Almaty.