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20.08.2015 10:47 Politics
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte received a grilling in parliament for his cabinet's support for debt-ridden Greece's third international bailout.
12.09.2014 12:12 Finance
Cyprus is unlikely to receive the next tranche of rescue funds from international lenders after apparently falling foul of them over new legislation.
11.12.2013 18:26 Finance
Slovenia is to learn later this week if it has enough money to shore up its banks on its own or become the latest eurozone country to need outside help.
29.10.2013 17:41 Finance
Five years after the US financial crisis forced the massive government TARP bailout, the US corporate culture remains toxic and breeding crime.
13.09.2013 11:49 Finance
Eurozone finance ministers meet in calmer times Friday but still need to ensure bailed-out member states meet their targets amid growing speculation some will need more help to get back on track.
26.08.2013 13:18 Finance
Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras said that if Greece required a new bailout in 2014, it would be a "much smaller" package of around 10 billion euros with no austerity conditions attached.
05.08.2013 10:42 Auto
The Australian government Monday pledged a fresh Aus$200 million (US$177 million) bailout package for the car manufacturing industry.
12.04.2013 14:22 Finance
Eurozone and EU finance ministers meet in Dublin from Friday to finalise the Cyprus bailout and consider extending debt repayment dates for Portugal and Ireland.
27.03.2013 14:22 Finance
We don't see any deposits of Kazakhstan legal entities or individuals in Cyprus banks and our banks have no relations with Cyprus banks: Marchenko.
27.03.2013 12:43 Finance
"Superhuman" efforts are being made to reopen banks in Cyprus on Thursday, as protests and uncertainty over the island's top lender showed a huge bailout has not ended its troubles.
26.03.2013 10:18 Markets
Oil prices rose in Asian trade Monday after Cyprus and its international creditors struck a 10 billion euro bailout deal, averting collapse of the country's banking system.
25.03.2013 13:29 Finance
EU and IMF officials struck a last-minute deal with Cyprus early Monday to resurrect a bailout for the island -- but one banking chain goes to the wall and major clients, who include many Russians, will take a giant hit.
25.03.2013 11:05 Markets
The Japanese and European Union leaders will hold telephone talks Monday to discuss the Cyprus bailout deal and plans to launch free trade negotiations.
22.03.2013 19:36 Finance
Angry Russian residents of Cyprus are talking of giving up on the Mediterranean island over a eurozone bailout deal which they say unfairly targets their money.
20.03.2013 12:58 Finance
Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades' office said he "fully respects" the decision and that he had had a "constructive" phone call with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, amid reports Cyprus was seeking alternative financing.
21.12.2012 14:02 Finance
Talks on a bailout for Cyprus are not expected to wrap up this year, the International Monetary Fund said Thursday.
29.11.2012 10:35 Finance
The euro slipped in Asian trade on Wednesday after a buying spree sparked by Greece's bailout deal fizzled owing to lingering concerns over Europe's sovereign debt problems.
28.09.2012 16:59 Finance
Spain's government unveiled Thursday a 2013 budget that tightens austerity even in the teeth of growing protests, easing the path to a widely expected sovereign bailout.
26.09.2012 10:23 Finance
International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde said Monday that delays in implementing Greece's bailout program, including privatization, have expanded the country's financing shortfall.
21.09.2012 15:34 Finance
Belarus was bailed out of last year's dire economic crisis by its giant neighbour Russia but as the ex-Soviet state heads to parliamentary polls the economy is once again flirting with disaster.
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