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Australia warned mining boom could end in two years Australia's mining boom will slow more sharply than expected and could be over within two years due to easing demand from China and falling prices.
23 июля 2012
Dingo dog. Photo courtesy of Sleeping Australian teen in dingo incident An Australian teenager told Wednesday of her sleeping bag being torn off by a dingo as she slept at a campsite, weeks after a landmark ruling that a baby was snatched in 1980 by one of the wild dogs.
19 июля 2012
Thalidomide victim. ©REUTERS/Stringer Australian woman wins key thalidomide settlement An Australian woman born without arms and legs after her mother took thalidomide during pregnancy on Wednesday won a landmark multi-million dollar settlement in her class action against drug firms.
18 июля 2012
Clive Palmer. Photo courtesy of Titanic II to have 'safety deck' says Australian tycoon Australian billionaire Clive Palmer Tuesday said his modern-day version of the Titanic will retain the first, second and third-class divisions of the original and include a new "safety" deck.
17 июля 2012
People-smugglers 'using' Australian navy People-smugglers have begun using the Australian navy as a collection service with asylum-seeker boats issuing distress calls even when they are not in trouble.
13 июля 2012
Photo courtesy of Australian study links breast milk to nut allergies Children who are solely breast-fed in the first six months of life are at increased risk of developing a nut allergy, new research showed Thursday.
13 июля 2012
Quitting smoking adds even more pounds than thought: study Quitting smoking leads to an average weight gain of four to five kilogrammes (nine to 11 pounds) in the first year -- "significantly" more than previously thought.
11 июля 2012
Australia's Defence Minister Stephen Smith. ©REUTERS/Andrew Taylor Probe finds 'shocking' abuse in Australian military A damning report on the Australian military Tuesday detailed 24 allegations of rape that never went to trial and other claims that Defence Minister Stephen Smith admitted would "shock" people.
11 июля 2012
Photo courtesy of Australians being fleeced by fake investment schemes Australians have been fleeced out of more than Aus$113 million (US$115 million) in the last five years by complex fake investment schemes run by overseas criminal gangs.
09 июля 2012
South Korea to start 'scientific' whaling South Korea said Wednesday that it planned to start whaling through a loophole that allows the killing of whales for scientific research, following the lead of Japan's controversial expeditions.
06 июля 2012
Jonathon Stenberg arriving in Sydney after being arrested. Photo courtesy of Alleged Australia killer on the run wins film role A man wanted over a beheading murder who was eventually captured in the Australian Outback auditioned to be a film extra while on the run -- winning the role of a policeman in a homicide thriller.
05 июля 2012
Cool reception for Australia's climate tax: poll Australia's new carbon tax received a cool reception in a poll Monday, showing Prime Minister Julia Gillard's mechanism to tackle climate change is unpopular and her government on track to lose office.
03 июля 2012
Kazakhs usually eat meat with hands. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan failed to land among world’s top meat-eaters Luxembourg citizens are the biggest meat-eaters in the world.
15 мая 2012
©REUTERS/Daniel Munoz Aussie firefighters rescue woman trapped by ATM Australian firefighters Thursday performed one of their most unusual rescues -- freeing an elderly woman whose fingers got stuck in a bank ATM.
27 апреля 2012
NATO says Australia's Afghan pullout part of war plans Australia's decision to bring troops home from Afghanistan earlier than expected was part of the war strategy and would not prompt other nations to rush out.
18 апреля 2012
Golubev won his first Australian Open match Kazakhstan tennis professional Andrey Golubev started the qualification round of the Australian Open with a victory.
12 января 2012
Shvedova and Karatantcheva dropped out of Australian Open Kazakhstan tennis professionals Yaroslava Shvedova and Sesil Karatantcheva dropped out of the Australian Open after the first round.
12 января 2012
Kseniya Pervak. ©REUTERS Pervak will play in Australia despite her sickness Kazakhstan tennis professionals Kseniya Pervak and Galina Voskoboeva will compete in the WTA tournament in Australian Hobart.
09 января 2012
Kseniya Pervak. ©REUTERS/Toby Melville Pervak and Voskoboyeva represent Kazakhstan in Australian Open Kseniya Pervak and Galina Voskobayeva are going to play in the main draw of Australian Open.
30 декабря 2011
Mastrus Wasp. Photo courtesy of Insects from Kazakhstan to help Australia save millions of dollars An insect called ichneumon fly (Mastrus Wasp) could help Australia save millions of dollars.
30 октября 2011

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